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  • Rapini with Cremini Mushrooms

    When I first heard of rapini, I thought it was what you did to get down the side of a steep mountain. When I found out that it is a form of broccoli and that some foodies call it rabe [pronounced RAHB], I had to...
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  • Kale and Sausage Turnovers

    The term turnover has different meanings depending on its use. It means one thing to accountants, another to human resource managers and still another to financial advisors. To foodies, a turnover is a small pastry made by covering one half of a piece of dough...
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  • Herbed Potato Stacks

      This is a versatile side dish that is tasty, nutritious and looks amazing when plated. The Yukon Gold is the first Canadian-bred potato to be marketed and promoted by name. It received a Canadian license in 1980 and soon began exportation to the United...
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