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  • Flaws and Faults

    One of the ongoing, lifelong parts of the journey of an addict is working on defects of character. The texts talk about asking our higher power, whatever that looks like, to remove our defects of character. The perfect human being? I don’t think so, not...
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  • Polite-ically Correct

    Absorbine Jr. as a metaphor of modern life? Sure. When I was a boy, AJ was used for a lot of things — cuts, scrapes, bug bites, sore muscles. In my houses, it still is. The label says differently. Lawsuits, I am sure, and perhaps...
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  • Trudging the road of happy destiny

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    When I was recently at my lowest ebb ever, I became a pacemaker recipient under what can only be described as dire circumstances, and now I am having bouts of tachycardia. Each night, I close my eyes wondering, calmly and cheerfully, if I will wake up again. I am surprised at how I am handling it.
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  • No, POTUS cannot pardon himself

    Ostensibly, I am the political science writer for these pages. Certainly, others dabble in politics all the time, but if I had to categorize my own assignment and/or status, it would be the Poli Sci Guy. The problem is that “science” implies logic. Common sense....
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  • I miss Facebook

    featured image I miss Facebook fullscreen
    I miss my friend Gary posting song links routinely, giving me shit about this or that, and taking crap about being from Vacaville and “loving” cats. This past week’s pictures from Boston were fabulous, and it seemed like old times. And the “discussions” we had about “classic” songs were priceless.
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  • Disclosed, exposed…

    Years ago, after a white-shirt-and-tie visit to Phantom of the Opera in San Francisco, we stopped in at the Redwood Room to have a drink. In honor of Herb Caen, the famous columnist of the Chron, I had a double Stoli on the rocks. The...
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  • Tweak or tweet

    The word of the week is “healthcare.” Or not. I am tired of hearing how much premiums have increased under the Affordable Care Act. All legitimate studies have shown that the rate of increase in healthcare premiums has slowed under the ACA. Sure they have...
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  • The Hill has eyes — and ears

    The GOP elected and appointed officials in the White House are running for the hills. Even Vice-President Mike Pence has now retained a criminal lawyer to represent him over the ongoing probes into the connections between the Trumpsters and the Russians. POTUS has confirmed via...
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  • The truth, the hole truth…

    Last week, James Comey testified before Congress and called POTUS a liar, and by implication, a sneaky, conniving SOB. No surprise there — at least for two-thirds of the country, anyway. We also heard from Eric Trump that Democrats are not “…people.” Hmmm. I accept...
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