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    • Kelvin Wade

    • October 9, 2016 in Columnists

    The cult of Trump can excuse anything

    Donald Trump is truly the new “Teflon Don.” None of his deplorable antics faze his rabid supporters who operate in a fact-free reality. Sure, GOP politicians are distancing themselves from Trump following the release of the sleazy Access Hollywood bus tapes where Trump says being a star enables him to grab women’s pussies. Most of them aren’t motivated by any moral qualms. No, they fear for their own careers.

    When the latest tapes surfaced, Christian conservative leaders like Ralph Reed and Tony Perkins, quickly reaffirmed their support for Trump. They weren’t going to let their alleged morals and beliefs come before their politics. Fuck Jesus, right?

    I don’t expect the rank and file Trump supporters to be dissuaded by the latest stench wafting from the Trump campaign because there is no low they couldn’t deny, explain away or ignore. Their defense of Trump’s putrid statements and behavior are almost always answered with, “What about Bill and Hillary?” I’m convinced that Donald Trump could sodomize a child live onstage during a presidential debate and by morning his supporters would be saying, “That’s old news! That was 12 hours ago! And Bill got blowjobs from Monica!”

    It is sad seeing people I used to respect selling their integrity on the cheap supporting this empty suit of a businessman. And it’s disingenuous to the nth degree the way they pretend that Americans are simply faux-outraged over the word “pussy.” They float this tired meme of being more upset over Hillary’s actions than Trump’s words. If they were to look up, they just might see the point sailing above their heads.

    They’re not just words.

    People are upset about his words and actions. On the Access Hollywood tape, Trump says he has to use some Tic Tacs in case he starts kissing a woman he’s about to meet. “I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.” And on the tape you can hear him pouring the Tic Tacs. And it just so happens that a friend of CNN anchor Erin Burnett met with Trump in his boardroom in 2010 and she says Trump chewed some Tic Tacs, gave her some and then kissed her without her consent. There was another man in the room at the time.

    On that Access Hollywood tape, Trump tells us his M.O. It’s not just locker room talk. It’s what he does.

    This tape came on the heels of an Associated Press story that interviewed 20 former crew members, contestants and editors of NBC’s “The Apprentice.” Many of those interviewed say Trump regularly made demeaning and crass remarks to and about women on the set of the show. Most of these remarks were filmed, but the production company has, so far, refused to release the footage. Former Apprentice producer Bill Pruitt tweeted, “As a producer on seasons 1 & 2 of #theapprentice I assure you: when it comes to the #trumptapes there are far worse. #justthebeginning.”

    And of course it’s just the beginning from this sick puppy running for president. This is a man that has repeatedly talked about dating his daughter Ivanka and took her by the hips at the GOP convention earlier this year in what some thought was an awkward embrace.

    On newly released interviews with radio shock jock Howard Stern from 2008 Trump tells Stern it’s okay to refer to daughter Ivanka as a “piece of ass.” He also talks about “barging in on nude Miss Universe beauty pageant contestants in their dressing rooms.” He called these intrusions “inspections.”

    In addition, the New York Times recently reported the story of Jill Harth, a woman Trump allegedly sexually harassed in the early ’90s. She alleged in a sexual harassment lawsuit that Trump cornered her in his daughter Ivanka’s room at his Mar-a-Lago estate, pushed her against a wall and began kissing her without her consent. She also said Trump entered the room of a beauty pageant contestant in the wee hours and the shaken young woman kicked him out.

    Plus, this past week, U.S. District Judge Ronnie Abrams ordered a December hearing for a woman identified as “Jane Doe” who is suing Donald Trump for raping her when she was 13 years old. She claims she was taken to a party held by a pedophile friend of Trump’s and assaulted repeatedly. When she told him she feared becoming pregnant, she alleges Trump threw $100 bills at her and said, “get a fucking abortion.”

    So we’re not talking about things Donald Trump has just said. We’re talking about the kind of man that he is. We’re talking about his boorish and illegal behavior.

    When I heard the Access Hollywood tapes, I was overcome with anger. I was angry because I have a granddaughter. When she was 13, an online predator contacted her and tried to meet with her for sex. Today she’s an MP in the US Army and I’m so proud of her. But when I heard she was joining, the sad fact is, while I was proud and of course feared her being deployed to a war zone, I also worried about her being sexually harassed or assaulted in the military. In fact, a high-ranking official on her base was recently fired for sexual harassment.

    So hearing what Trump does pissed me off. Like Robert DeNiro recently said, I’d like to punch him in the face. I could say that I wish some irate father breaks through the Secret Service protection at one of his rallies and pummels Trump into the ground, but I would never say that. I could say that, but I wouldn’t say that.

    Morally bankrupt Trump supporters defend Trump by pointing to Bill Clinton. It’s such a lame defense. They believe that Clinton has engaged in boorish behavior, assaulted Katherine Wiley and raped Juanita Broaddrick. If Trump supporters were so concerned about women and sexual assault and believe that Clinton is this monster, then why would they support Donald Trump for president? If you’re an unwavering champion of women, why would you excuse the behavior of Trump? The answer is obvious. They don’t care if Clinton’s accusers are truthful or lying. They just hate Clinton. They have no care or concern for the women.

    To them it’s Bill’s “Benghazi.” These same Trump supporters don’t care about the 13 embassies and 60 people killed in attacks during the George W. Bush presidency and they really don’t care about the four Americans that lost their lives in Benghazi. Benghazi just serves as a convenient vehicle for their anti-Clinton hate.

    This is America and Americans are free to support bigoted, xenophobic, misogynistic, fascist demagogues. I don’t believe it’s my role nor is it possible to penetrate the delusion and blind allegiance of Trump supporters. It’s an unholy cult of personality impenetrable by fact, logic or reason. I do want them to be aware that they’re complicit in the coarsening of our society. They’re complicit in the demonization of other races and religions. They’re complicit in the wave of misogyny revealed and unleashed by this candidacy. No amount of phony adherence to religion, limp rationalizations or false equivalences will wash the political blood from their hands.

      • Maya Spier Stiles North

      • October 9, 2016 at 9:14 pm
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      Another thing that blow me away is how many apologists claim to be devout Christians. Really? REALLY? Because Jesus just LOVED rapists and molesters. Because Jesus DESPISED women. Oh yeah. And what is the reason most of them give? He’ll put in Supremes that will overturn Roe v Wade and gay marriage. Point out that Trump would gleefully nuke the world, it’s ironic that the so-called prolife crew advocates for him because all the babies whose births they would force (even if the result of rape or incest) would die in flames right along with the rest of us. Deporables indeed.

    • I am also ASTOUNDED over what Trump supporters will brush off. It has forced me to reevaluate my opinion about a lot of people.

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