• Women will rule the world

    For several years, I’ve been involved in internet research for a college professor and some of her associates. This research concerned subjects such as Psychology of Women, Sexual Abuse, Solutions to Violence, Peace and Non-violence. For years, I was ignorant of the true nature of the work that I was doing for these professors but, like everything else, nothing can be kept secret forever.

    It was only recently that I was able to piece together all the small tidbits of data into what I discovered to be a distressingly big picture. I have discovered something so frightening that the mere writing of this article will place my life on the “bye-bye-you’re gone” list of women scholars.

    Before I am killed, I feel compelled to warn the world that the women are in the process of taking over. I’ve named this process, “Womanization.” The male half of literally every species that populates every corner of the world is on its way out.

    In 125,000 years (if left to nature) the population of the Earth will be 100 percent female. Believe it or not, this information is not new, for both Socrates and Plato made the same discovery. However, my findings are less theoretical than their findings, but on the same critical level.

    The writings of these ancient scholars allege that they had made a genuine discovery, which they initially prepared to reveal to the world, but the response they encountered was so ferociously hostile that they masked their findings, and offered in its stead a theory of the male dominance.

    Thanks to the “Y chromosome” men are far more given to extremes, intellectual achievement, creativity and yes, destruction, but strangely enough, a world devoid of men may well be a quieter more peaceful place. Throughout history, the Y chromosome has passed unchanged from generation to generation of fathers and sons, and while it has provided genealogists with a fascinating insight into the origins of entire communities, it has also raised other questions.

    The lack of ability to “recombine” means that Y chromosomes cannot repair themselves. A growing number of men have inherited a Y chromosome that was damaged during the production of their father’s sperm. There is considerable evidence that sperm counts are declining overall, and in some men the inherited damage to sperm production is so great as to render them infertile. In fact, Y chromosomes only have about 27 useful genes — the rest of the chromosome is composed of “junk” DNA that does not code for anything.

    In the end, Y chromosomes will disintegrate and this will probably lead to the eventual extinction of the male gender. Already a surprisingly increasing number of animals can reproduce without male involvement if there is no other option.

    Sharks and lizards have demonstrated this ability in captivity and one of the world leaders in this field, Karim Nayernia, professor of stem-cell biology at Newcastle University, has already shown that unlimited sperm can be derived from early stem cells present in any embryo. Elsewhere, producing a child that is the genetic offspring of two females is becoming a real possibility and the process is not nearly as difficult as was previously thought. Artificial sperm produced from bone-marrow cells has already led to pregnancies and live births in mice.

    If the information on artificial sperm and the decline of the Y chromosome are not enough to dismay any man, there is growing evidence that women are surpassing men intellectually and financially. I have found that girls triumph over boys at every level of the education system. A natural assumption seems to be leading to the inevitable question of whether the male gender is reaching the end of its natural usefulness.

    Men are unaware of these things because we live in a testosteronic (I made that word up) dream world. Reality is not synthesized. We don’t make it up. It exists independently of us. Because reality exists independently of all possible experience, it remains permanently hidden to all but the female species, which naturally has a low testosterone level.

    Within a mere 20 years, women will be the main breadwinners in our families. We have reached a point in time where the female Black Widow will now eat the male spider without sexing him up.

    Generations of girls are now becoming aware of the fact that they can do better than men and this will have an effect on the balance of society. If men can no longer achieve anything, what exactly is going to be left for us? My data states that women have the same capacity for violence and evil as men, and that they enact this violence and evil as frequently and effectively as men, indicating that the female species may be in the process of helping nature along.

    The Human Tissue and Embryos Bill, which is expected to become law, says controversially that the fathers of artificially conceived children need not necessarily be recognized by the state and this is not the worst of it. Several questions arise from my research such as:

    ~  Why are women so insistent on feeding men vegetables and stuff like that?

    ~  Why are so many women are studying taxidermy?

    ~  Why, in a 10-year war started by a woman, Helen of Troy, did 99.9 percent of the soldiers killed end up to be of the male persuasion?

    ~  Why can a human male may be sexually aroused, even physiologically aroused, by a photograph or drawing of a female?

    All of us, as males, are in a race that is not unlike a fox and a rabbit. Men are running like hell, just to survive, while women are running like hell just for a meal. I find that the great majority of male human beings lack understanding of what exactly is going on. The end result of my research points to one solution for us males: we must bend over and kiss our own butts goodbye.

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