• 2015 — Your Word and Vision Board

    2015MagicdeskHappy New Year!

    We started off the year in Sedona, Arizona with my word for 2015 — magic! It snowed here — 6 1/2 inches worth. We occasionally get snowfall, but rarely this much and it looked spectacular on the red rocks. Really magical.

    Have you selected your word? Are you ready to play with it?

    My success with my word in past years has had a lot to do with keeping it present in my day-to-day life. Defining it, posting quotes about it and especially creating a vision board have helped to keep my word on my radar.

    This year, I tried a variation of a vision board — vision cards — that you can learn more about at http://www.jamieridlerstudios.ca/product/vision-card-workshop/. Essentially, they’re mini vision boards using particular areas of focus. I made three cards: (1) for self-expression, (2) for professional goals and (3) for my word. I love the process of intuitively selecting pictures and words from magazines to illustrate my intent and have arranged them in front of my nose this year so that not a day goes by where I’m not reminded of my focus.

    Keeping up the energy is part of the process and we don’t want our intentions to fall off the map after January, so I would suggest that if you do either vision boards or cards, that you place them in clear view of where you spend most of your time.

    Another suggestion: When you’re selecting your photos, try not to focus on specific outcomes but rather on the “essence” of those things. In other words, how would having that thing make you feel? Is it something you need to possess, or rather a feeling that you’d like to increase in your life? Do you need to achieve a certain goal or is your desire more about having a particular level of comfort or freedom or beauty in your life? Think “essence” rather than “outcome” in order to allow the Universe a variety of ways to bring you what you want. Select photos that encapsulate those feelings.

    There’s no “right” way to work with your word! It’s the power of your intent that will open the doors.

    And most of all — have fun!

    • I need to find a picture in a magazine of “Discipline” – the essence of that would be amazing – and also “Time.” I guess I could find that one on the cover of Time. 😀

    • Sunny – Life in Ojai IS magic. I think I’ll pick “compassionate” as my word for the year and maybe I can share the magic that is the Ojai Valley. My wife, Robin, and I are soon blessed/lucky/fortunate to live here and work from home.

      • Sunny Schlenger

      • January 5, 2015 at 2:31 pm
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      Debra — love it! But why don’t you go further…What is the essence of YOUR kind of discipline? (Stay with me here. 😉 Is it gentle and loving or more like a favorite teacher you remember? If it’s too harsh or doesn’t fit, you’ll shy away from it. “Time” too. Is it more of a clock, or like the setting sun? How do you FEEL when you see the image? That’s how you’ll know what image to select. 🙂

      • I think I need bite-sized pieces. And also not to give up if I can’t swallow the whole bite. If my goal is “write 30 minutes per day” and I realize I only have 15 minutes…. it would be better to write for 15 minutes than give up because I can’t achieve my goal. My time often spirals out of control, and then I give up. :/
        That feels shitty.

      • Sunny Schlenger

      • January 5, 2015 at 2:34 pm
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      Randy — Yes you’re right, Ojai IS magic! And “compassionate” is a beautiful word to pair with that location.

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