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    • September 23, 2012 in Vlogs

    Me & Big Al – Episode #26

    ©Matthew LoGuercio, 2012. All rights reserved

    As an actor you need to have a set of nice teeth. I have two porcelain veneers on my front teeth. One of them broke and I went to a local dentist to have it rebonded back together. Well turns out the economy is so bad that while I am strapped in the dentist chair they are trying everything they can to get me to sign up for $8,150.00 worth of work that need not be done. They offered to sign me up for a credit card, everything short of me working in their office to pay for it.

    So I am going back to my original dentist an hour an a half away to get it done right! Oh well. Big Al has his photo day today at school, I hope he flashes a good smile and nothing goofy like his dad!

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