• A Foreword for “The Untitiled” – our first episodic adventure

    In 2012, an interesting concept was floated out to the writers and artists of the iPinion Syndicate.

    “Let’s write a collective column gleaned from all of our opinions,” iPinion co-editor Debra DeAngelo suggested to the group.

    The only instructions were for each contributor to write one paragraph and pass the draft on to the next person, who would then add to the piece of work. And so the journey began, with columnist Julie Parker ignoring the rules, as all good writers do, and beginning a work of fiction, rather than commentary. I followed her lead by introducing characters and an antagonistic story line, and others followed with even more incredible additions.

    What started out as an innocent description of a car driving through a rather peaceful landscape quickly evolved into an amazing story filled with characters of unbelievable dimension, setting off on an epic adventure that could only be brought to life by the combined imagination of 17 individuals – flaunting the rules of convention and sailing full speed ahead into uncharted waters.

    When the piece was done and the editing process began, we quickly realized we had something bigger than a single story. Our little experiment in cooperative writing had great bones and some pretty tasty meat on them. Characters had personality and backstory. Story lines had miles to go before they could be concluded. Best of all, there was room to grow!

    So “The Untitled” was born – an episodic romp brought to you by the collective efforts of the iPinion Syndicate team.

    It is my great pleasure to welcome you into our world.

    Gary Huerta – Story Editor

      • davidlacy

      • February 8, 2013 at 12:11 pm
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      Thanks for taking the editorial lead on this project Gary!

    • The first chapter is rather unique to my reading style. I will forge ahead with each chapter.

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