• A God with two faces

    Today is 9/11. It’s a date that is etched into my mind for several reasons. In 2001, there was the attack on the Twin Towers in New York City. I didn’t know any of the people who lost their lives on that terrible day, but I will pause for a moment sometime today and say a prayer in remembrance. In 2006, on this same date, my father died. I didn’t know him either, but I’ll include him in the same prayer.

    That being said, I will go back to trying to piece together the chain events that made healthy and sane men purposely fly a jetliner into a high-rise building. We have been told the men were mostly Egyptian Muslims. Why in the world would an Egyptian Muslim want to do such a horrible thing to us? Why would they say the words “God is great” moments before they slammed into the cold hard concrete that would cause so much devastation and sorrow?

    It seems to me that their God must be cold and dark. My God is warm and full of light. Is it possible that there are two Gods? I don’t think there is. I have to believe that there is only one God but maybe he (or she) has two faces, one cold and one warm. If this is so, then we must all share the same God, warm face and cold face, dark and light. This does not answer my original question of “Why did they do it.”

    I’m at a loss. With all of the information we’ve been given, you’d think there would be a clear reason for such a drastic action. Why would they want to hurt you and me? The only answer I can come up with is that they did not intend to hurt you and me. I came up with this by looking at their targets. Their target was not you and me. This is clear and easy for everyone who can think to see.

    The target was the Pentagon and the Wall Street corporations. There are many who would say that an attack on the government and Wall Street is also an attack on you and me. Technically, this is so, but this isn’t the point I’m trying to make. OK, let’s assume I’m correct in the assumption that you and I were not the target and we’ll go on from there.

    First of all, let me say that I in no way condone what was done on that ugly day. There is absolutely nothing that could make me do such a dastardly deed. I think I can safely say this is true. This, however, still does not answer my original question: Why did they do it? There has to be some great hidden reason. Something evil, I fear.

    In my examination of these Egyptian Muslims I am forced to examine myself. To see their actions clearly, I must look at my own actions. What actions in my life could possibly compare to their actions. After all is said and done, with a little soul searching, I came up with two instances in my life that could be compared (on a smaller scale) to their actions.

    I don’t need to go into the details but my actions, like theirs, involved untimely death and destruction. It matters not that one action is on a grander scale than the other, for both could be considered evil deeds by someone, anyone. Even in times of war, the killing of a person, no matter how many, will always have its consequences. My actions in war were no different. Killing has horrible consequences. It will consume you at the most inconvenient of times, often for all to see.

    The only reasons that I can come up with as to why these men did what they did are military in nature. Their acts were the acts of a soldier, plain and simple. The strikes upon the Pentagon and Wall Street were strikes against their enemy. I think they knew what a horrible thing they were going to do, so they called upon their God for forgiveness with their last breath. I know this is so for when my action in Vietnam was finished I asked for forgiveness and stuck a pistol in my mouth and pulled the trigger. The pistol was jammed with mud and it didn’t go off.

    I guess that actions like these, no matter how big, will make you want to die when they’re done. Maybe it is God’s darker face that lets men do these evil things and God’s lighter face that lets men see what they have done when it’s over — I don’t know for sure. Evil deeds are not exclusive to our generations, so I assume there are more actions of this nature to come.

    When I add it all up in my mind, there’s only one thing I can wish for. I wish with all of my heart, with everything that I am as a being, spirit, or whatever, that there will never, ever be another attack such as this on American soil. I hope with all of my heart that there will be an end to this violence, but if it has to be, let it be somewhere else, not here.

    Some questions just don’t have answers; I accept that now, freely.

    • I am glad your gun jammed Donald. Any war, anywhere is not welcome to me or to the people in other countries. The vast majority of us just want peace.

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