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    A letter to the President of the United States…

    May 7, 2015

    President Barack Obama
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
    NW Washington, D.C. 20500

    Dear Mr. President,

    I doubt you have a more ardent supporter than I anywhere in the country, except perhaps your wife and daughters. Above my “LIBERAL” California license plate (the best ever!) is the bumper sticker that says “He won — Twice! Get over it!”.

    I am writing about three things.

    First, the 60-vote rule in the Senate. I have been studying this for over 30 years, and I believe it unconstitutional. While the filibuster might have originally been a “rule,” as specified by the Constitution, now it has turned into something much different, an obstacle, and blight on the name of democracy.

    I am neither a lawyer — nor a quack. I am a retired Battalion Chief of 30 years, and served as mayor for two years, and a city councilman for 10 here in my hometown.

    I am not going to go into my legal points or strategy, except to say that the Constitution is very specific in regards to things requiring more than a majority vote of the House or Senate.

    The day before your re-election, I filed suit against the Senate in District Court in Sacramento. Some health problems caused me to temporarily drop that effort, but I will soon re-file. I filed the day before the election to avoid claims of bias, because, frankly, I am as outraged by the 60-vote rule no matter what party is in office.

    As a former Senator, you have a great respect for the traditions of the Senate. I know that. However, as President, I hope you also have a realistic view of how that 60-vote abomination has sorely hampered you.

    I would like to have a wingman or wingwoman for this lawsuit, and I was hoping you could refer me to one, or one to me — somebody with legal training, of course. Perhaps a public service law firm, or someone from a liberal think tank. I am prepared to pay all the court fees, and I am certainly willing to go it alone, but I (and particularly my wife) would feel better about having an advisor.

    Secondly, Cuba. I had already drafted a letter to you about improving things with Cuba, but you beat me to the punch. Of course you did. I have long thought that the Cuba of the 1950s put forth a model for improving the plight of the Cubans — sans the gambling, of course, focusing strictly, but collaterally, too, on tourism, and imports and exports.

    Perhaps the Castro family could be set up like the British Royal Family, to a much lesser extent, with limited official duties, overseeing a socialist democracy? If the previews I have read and heard about the soon-to-be on sale book by Fidel’s former bodyguard are any indication, this might appeal to the Castros.

    Lastly, I am not an economist, not hardly, but have you considered having a bill brought forth that would require all public works construction projects in the country to buy American? I think it would be a page brought forth from FDR’s recovery book, and we wouldn’t have issues like we are having with the new span of the Bay Bridge here in California.

    I know here in Winters, California that every dollar spent here gets spent eight more times before it leaves town, and we are only about 7,500 people. I believe that the increased costs of the projects would be offset by the effects on jobs and the overall economy.

    That’s it, sir. Despite the overwhelming obstacles and outright prejudice that you have faced since the day you were first elected, you have done a good job, and prevailed.

    It has been an honor, sir.


    Tom McMasters-Stone

    • LOVE the comment on public works! You are so right – the Bay Bridge is a glowing example of the expensive, colossal failure of pinning our major public works projects on foreign materials. Check out the story on the bridge in today’s SFGate. Exasperating!!!

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