• A love supreme

    Have you ever listened to John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”? 

    I consider music to be the last religion on Earth and I don’t say this to be bombastic, esoteric, ironic, or to be an idiot.  Remember back.  Remember the first time you put on your favorite album.

    Do you remember how it felt?  Don’t you remember the sublime feeling of the notes traveling into your ear canals?  Do you remember how you smiled, laughed, and said, “This album is the shit!”

    Ask yourself another question — remember the last time you sat at temple, church, your shrine/altar, or at your meditation center and felt that contentment?

    You felt freedom, love, hope, hate, despair, joy, anger, and/or brotherhood.  I know you felt all these things because I felt and still feel them too.  This is the genius of music — good music.  Granted, my style of music is going to be different than yours.  However we feel something that can only be explained as sublime when putting on your song, album or genre of music that made you feel free for the first time.

    In a lot of ways, I see music as the ultimate freedom and sense of transcendence.  Freedom and transcendence tends us towards madness.  You will walk right off a cliff while you hum your tune.   Music will drive you crazy and make you do something irrational — see slam dancing (nothing says I enjoy this music as much as getting hit in the face or pushing someone).  Songs give us the ambience to attempt to woo someone.  Don’t sit there and tell me you never put on a record/CD to impress the date you bring home to cook dinner.  OK, OK, you put on your goddamn iPod — I am trying to make a point here, you jerkoff.

    I am saying that the religious experience of music empowers you.  There is something deep within our collective humanity that we once and a while have the chance to bring out.   Perhaps it’s madness.  Perhaps it’s joy.  Maybe it’s love?  Whatever that thing is that is inside your chest, it leaps out when you put on your favorite music.  This is a totally religious experience — this cannot be argued.  Forget God.  Forget Buddha.  Forget the tree you hug.  Pray that you never lose your hearing, because this music is the vehicle for your soul.  You can’t dispute my claim. 

    Put on your music, right now. 

    Turn up your music, close your eyes, and feel closer to the universe.  Feel closer to your wife.  Feel closer to your friends.  Smile and love.  Frown and cry.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.  All you ask at the altar of music is to purge your emotions and celebrate them.  Why would you want to live through life and not feel this eternal moment? 

    Eternity?  YES, ETERNITY!

    Remember a time when you talked to someone and time flew by or time seemed to drag?  That is eternity.  Good music will make you forget the minutes that your body is a slave to its ultimate demise.  Other activities are like this — sex is a good example.  Sometimes when making love, the hours seems like minutes and you feel totally free of the worries of your life.  You are in a time that is not a time and in a place that is not a place.  That is the eternal. 

    Make your life the eternal.  Join the gospel of music.  Turn on your good-ass music and become a madman or madwoman.  You will be murmuring the mantra — a love supreme, a love supreme….

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