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    • Stacey Robinson

    • January 19, 2015 in Bloggers

    A startlement of song

    There is a midrash – a story – that there are ten songs in the Bible. What those ten songs are depends upon the rabbi or sage you ask. The list is a bit fluid. All agree, however, that the Tenth Song is, as yet, unwritten. It is the Song of Moshiach, the Messiah — a song so filled with Everythingness that we are redeemed, restored, wrongs righted, pain healed, paradise regained.

    What if, instead of that Song, that tenth song is one of our own — the unwritten song, the song that is perhaps written on our souls, or whispered in our hearts – the Song of our own Everythingness? The one of celebration and mourning and love and fear and life and death.

    So then the question becomes: What is that song?

    This is the song I found, waiting for me today (with a little help from my friends).


    There is a song

    Somewhere in me


    Or maybe just


    while I chase

    the louder notes —

    all brass and


    a startlement of

    little songs

    and tinny


    But there is a song

    that plays


    and Slow,

    an exultation.

    And I rise to it,

    and move to it,

    and I am drawn to it,

    nearer than breath

    or Time.

    And I rise

    to its siren call,

    and I am filled

    past the borders

    of my fear

    and the edges

    of my joy,

    and I sing.

    And I sing.

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