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    • Debra DeAngelo

    • August 25, 2017 in Columnists

    Alt-Right rallies designed to provoke racial violence

    The last time I wrote a column was Friday, Aug. 11. The topic was escalating threats of nuclear attack from Kim Jong-un and my trepidation about the competence of the person sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office (that means that you’re President of the United States, for all you Red Caps) to handle that potential cataclysm.

    The column ran in the Enterprise on Sunday, but by the time it ran in the Express on Thursday, it was already outdated. Why? Because in that span of time, Charlottesville happened, and we were launched into the next crisis. The height of the atrocity came when a KKK member drove his vehicle into a crowd of counter-protestors and killed a woman.

    Responding to this tragedy should be a slow-pitch softball for any president with half a brain, but 45’s clearly about a half-brain short of that criteria. Rather than demonstrating leadership and healing by decrying the KKK and neo-Nazi movement as the oozing scabs on society that they are, 45 told us that there were very fine people on both sides of that clash.

    There are no “very fine people” amongst Nazis, neo or otherwise. To say that there are is to spit on the grave of every soldier, sailor and airman who fought to crush the Nazi government as well as the grave of every Jew who perished in the Holocaust. Is 45 really that ignorant about history and utterly incompetent to hold the office of president, or is he a closet white supremacist, or is he simply just completely nuts? That’s a forced choice question. There are only three possible answers.

    The continual spray of 45-generated lunacy and chaos has been likened to trying to drink from a fire hose. The sheer speed and volume of political and social mayhem will blow you back 20 feet.

    I used to attribute the spray of abomination to grotesque incompetence, with a heaping helping of sociopathic narcissism, topped with a heavy sprinkling of astounding ignorance of (and disinterest in) U.S. history and government, but following Charlottesville, I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something more nefarious going on — and we’ve all become hapless participants. The tip-off was this weekend’s Alt-Right white supremacy rallies planned in Berkeley and San Francisco — a so-called “Liberty Weekend” — celebrating the very worst of America and humanity itself.

    Think about it.

    If one wants a successful rally, one stages it where there’s abundant support. That’s why 45 headed to the MAGA heartland, Phoenix, and surrounded himself with mindlessly cheering Red Cap lemmings, guaranteed to go wild for whatever verbal fecal matter spews from his nasty little round mouth. They even found one black guy (a completely loony one, but hey, the color fit the bill) to position over 45’s right shoulder like the proverbial little demon, while over his left were little “angels” — two pitbulls wearing lipstick, with matching red baseball caps.

    It couldn’t possibly have been any more blatantly choreographed. These mind-boggling campaign rallies (Dude – the election is over) are designed to be a hand-job to 45’s massive ego. Nothing more. It’s the only situation where he’s doesn’t feel like the loser he really is. It is as staged as a beauty pageant. Know who has lots of experience with beauty pageants? Oh yes — the same one who is entitled to grab the beauties between the legs any time he feels like it. The man knows how to put on a show. His rallies are just more shows.

    The point here is that preaching to the choir is Successful Rally 101. You create support by holding rallies where support is already built in. That said, let’s revisit Liberty Weekend. The Alt-Right organizers did the exact opposite, positioning these rallies in the two spots where abhorrence of everything they represent is strongest: Berkeley and San Francisco. There’ no choir there to play to there. None whatsoever. Liberty Weekend has been strategically placed where it is most likely to ignite violence.

    Let me reemphasize: They want violence this weekend. And the more racially charged, the better. Why? Simple: Violent clashes, particularly racial ones, completely occupy the media’s attention, and therefore our attention. Complete and total distraction. From what? Oh, hello, Russia investigation over there! We were so busy chasing the next shiny object, we forgot all about you!

    Thank goodness Robert Mueller hasn’t.

    While the media dashes from one dumpster fire to the next, and we chase right after it, Mueller is quietly and tenaciously turning over every stone and pulling on every loose thread, looking for Russian collusion amongst the Trump campaign and administration. I’ll bet Mueller’s gathered up an impressive collection of stones and threads right about now, and some people don’t want the American public to be thinking about that. People whose illegal and treasonous financial dealings would be exposed. People who’ve been led along by the Grand Dragon of Breitbart, the one who makes the Alt-Right dance like marionettes… right into areas where violence is guaranteed.

    Narrows it right down, doesn’t it.

    Connect all the dots, and the picture that emerges is that We the People are being played. Those who stand to benefit hugely by keeping the American public divided and at each other’s throats are also the ones who know there’s big money to be made in illegal international trade — money that makes last week’s Powerball ticket look like chump change.

    Want more evidence? Why, in the midst of utter social and political chaos, is the stock market skyrocketing? Maybe because while the entire country is distracted by the ongoing White House clown show, all the One Percent hears over the roaring of the masses is ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching?

    So, as we head into “Liberty Weekend,” let’s refuse to be played.


    What would Martin do.

    Show up big. Show up strong. Show up loud. Do not back down. But do not throw a punch.

    Don’t give the Alt-Right what it wants.

      • Maya Spier Stiles North

      • August 25, 2017 at 10:47 pm
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      Agreed. As always. Sharing. And sharing.

      • Donna Hanna

      • August 26, 2017 at 2:45 pm
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      I have a few more words I could have thrown in there, but maybe not everyone wants to read them. I keep tweeting 700k of us need to become homeless in DC for a week or so, sleep body to body from the WH all the way up the congressional steps… I really think they’d start impeachment proceedings rather quickly.

      Great article as usual, Deb!

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