• Amanda Roberts seeks Kickstarter funding for new cookbook


    Pizza Dumplings are just one of the recipes in Amanda Roberts’ cookbook, “Crazy Dumplings.”


    Amanda Roberts is seeking funding for her first cookbook, Crazy Dumplings, through Kickstarter.

    Amanda is an American, but has been living, writing and cooking in China for nearly three years. Her first cookbook, Crazy Dumplings, is a food-fusion adventure that puts a western twist on the traditional Chinese jiaozi (dumpling).

    “Food ended up being the biggest cultural adjustment when my husband I moved to China,” Amanda explains. “I had to completely re-learn how to cook from scratch. Crazy Dumplings is my first attempt to share some of the new ways I have learned to cook.”

    Crazy Dumplings will contain around 50 recipes including 40 dumpling recipes, the wrapper recipe, and recipes for sauces and dips like guacamole, buffalo sauce, and salsa. There are dumpling recipes for appetizers, main courses, and desserts. You could even prepare a whole Thanksgiving dinner totally out of dumplings with Crazy Dumplings.

    This book has a wide range of appeal. Dumplings are easy to make so are great for families or busy people. There are vegetarian recipes, but many of the recipes could be made vegetarian with a couple of easy tweaks. Also, many of the fillings can be made completely organically with local ingredients.

    “There are many ingredients I simply can’t get here in China,” Amanda says. “So I have to cook with what I have. This is something people can do no matter where they live in the world.”

    Crazy Dumplings is not yet available for purchase, but Roberts is seeking funding through Kickstarter, the crowd-funding platform that is changing the way independent projects come to life.

    You can go here to learn more about Crazy Dumplings and here to learn all about Kickstarter.

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