• Appeal — not repeal

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    Not so fast. Reasonable healthcare is not safe yet; TrumpCare is not dead.

    One would be remiss in failing to look closely at the “no” votes.

    Most of those GOP members who failed to support the repeal of the ACA did so because it was not as conservative, not as thorough, as they would have liked. They come mainly from ultra-conservative districts, who will probably ultimately support nothing but a simple free-market system, without government regulation or incentive — and certainly no government “penalties,” as we find currently in the ACA.

    There was very little found in the GOP rebellion that emanated from constituents’ desire to keep the healthcare coverage that they received under the ACA.

    One thing we have in our favor is the Senate, where the concerns over coverage can be found, and are quite significant in some cases. The dependent coverage until 26 years old, the inability to disqualify people on pre-existing conditions,

    Another thing we have in our favor is that Trump’s attention span is no longer than his, uh, little toe! Naturally, he will now be moving on to other things.

    The GOP has claimed state border-crossings as a big part of their healthcare changes. There are no federal border restrictions on states in place, as far as offering healthcare. Any restrictions have been imposed by the states.

    We keep hearing that many counties have only one healthcare option. Of course, nobody ever tells you the population of those counties. Perhaps based upon their population — and of course, they are almost certainly rural, agricultural, national forests, and/or rangeland — they are probably fortunate to have any coverage at all, n’est pas?

    Do I understand the GOP correctly that they will be forcing healthcare companies to offer coverage in certain counties?

    Methinks not.

    At a time of trying to throw millions of people off their healthcare coverage, the propsed GOP budget increases the military budget by $54 billion dollars. Outrageous. We need a rule, perhaps a Constitutional amendment — it is outrageous that any country spends more than 50 percent of its budget on its military. Mr. Isolationist, Mr. Take Care of Ourselves, Mr. Let The World Cover Their Own Asses, has shown his true colors — lining the pockets of his military contractor buddies.

    There is a lot of celebrating going on, a lot of chest-thumping.

    No, no, no. Resting on our laurels? What laurels?

    We just got by, albeit by a comfortable margin, because, as I said, the House bill had absolutely no chance in the Senate. Now is not the time to be complacent.

    The Democrats need to take a partial page from the GOP — develop a bill to fix the Affordable Care Act, and keep bringing it back to the House and Senate, ad nauseum, if you will. Wave the flag to the American People! We have a message to send, one that will be resoundingly heard: “We passed the ACA; we tried it for several years!”

    It is working, but experience has shown us it needs some adjustments — adjustments that will lower costs, increase coverage, and fix loopholes.

    APPEAL! — not repeal.

    Repeat after me: “Appeal, not repeal!”

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