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  • Looking at both sides now

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    In the days following the January 6th riot at the Capitol — something predicted, but somehow not prepared for, and not prevented — I learned about the damage done from news reports and podcasts I listened to as I puttered around the house. I was...
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  • Disaster ready

    One night, as I reached to turn off the bedside lamp I thought, You need to pack, to be ready to leave. Why haven’t you done it already? I told myself there was no sense getting started on it then, I could do it in the morning. But I lay awake for hours, making lists in my head -- what to pack for me, for the kids, for the cats.
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  • Practicing self-care during the pandemic

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    I haven’t wanted to write about COVID-19, because it seems like that’s all anyone is talking about, but this pandemic has shown me the value of self-care, and I want to share what’s helping me get through this stressful time. First, I talk to a...
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  • School’s out

    Out for summer Out till fall We might not come Back at all ~School’s Out, Alice Cooper, 1972 School’s out for summer and school districts all over the US are making plans for the fall. Our family is making plans too, and we won’t be...
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  • Love in the Age of A.R.T.

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    “Happy Valentine’s Day,” I said to the room, as I lay on my back on the exam table in position, knees up, heels resting in the stainless steel stirrups. “It’s a good day to get pregnant, don’t you think?” Dr. S and his physician assistant,...
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  • Thanks, Mom for the gift of choice

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    I don’t know what I expected you to do, Mom, how I expected you to react when I said those words no parent wants to hear from their teenage daughter, but you surprised me. “I think I might be pregnant,” I said. You were standing...
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  • Common predators

    The news stories about Jeffrey Epstein conjured up images of a rarified world of jet-setting celebrities. The words used to describe him and his lifestyle — financier, billionaire, private jet, tropical island — are not those we associate with anyone we would meet in real...
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