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  • It takes a village, idiot

    Lou Dobbs and his all-male review freaked out over a recent Pew Research Poll revealing that 40 percent of American mothers are their family’s sole or primary bread winner. Juan Williams, infamous for getting canned by NPR for admitting that Muslims on a plane made...
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  • I want my Catholic back

    featured image I want my Catholic back fullscreen
    I miss the good old days when Catholic priests were scary for traditional reasons (the Latin, the costumes, the stern looks).  I remember growing up in the ’60s, envying altar boys.  I would daydream during mass about being a boy, wearing my mini-me robe and...
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  • Me, myself and why

    I am an elected official, a member of the U.S. Congress.  It’s a tough job.  Approval ratings are hovering near telemarketers working the dinner-hour shift. So last week we did something to turn this ship around. We scrambled, like greasy lightning, to vote on legislation...
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  • Let’s call it ‘gun freedom’

    We should’ve learned from Global Warming.  One snowmageddon and the naysayers called bullshit and decided science is debatable.  E does NOT equal mc2.  Newton’s fruit will NOT lawfully fall down from that apple tree. So we switched over to Climate Change.  Better?  Meanwhile glaciers are...
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