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  • Bracing for Opposite World

    I’m not any closer to accepting that Donald Jagoff Trump will become this country’s president. In fact, his dangerous tweets and reckless picks for advisors and cabinet nominees have moved me from fear to panic. Folks call me a sore loser. Some say it’s sour...
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  • SO not my president

    Please don’t admonish me for not giving Trump a chance or remind me the office of the president deserves my respect or scold me for being a sore loser. Many thought leaders have emerged to eloquently rally the troops. I’m just not one of them....
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  • Women for Trump are going to hell

    I was driving when I heard Michelle Obama’s powerful speech last week, calling out Donald Trump’s “sexually predatory behavior.” It was all I could do to keep my Jeep on the road. When she mentioned that “sick, sinking feeling,” I got a big lump in...
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  • Taking a knee with Kaepernick

    featured image Taking a knee with Kaepernick fullscreen
    When San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick bravely took a stand by sitting down and later taking a knee during our national anthem – I stood up and cheered. Could this be it? Are we finally ready to admit racism exists and conduct this critically...
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  • Dads say the darndest things

    Multiple sclerosis took away my dad’s ability to walk. It also snatched the option of living out his golden years on his beloved, 106-acre centennial farm. But MS has not robbed my 77-year-old stepfather of his mind-blowing quick wit, curiosity, friskiness or love of life. He’s...
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  • The ABCs of Donald Trump

    I was mildly entertained. But now I’m wildly troubled. This raging asshole could get the votes of millions of idiot citizens and become our next president. I was pushed over the edge when Trump criticized the parents of slain U.S. patriot Captain Humayun Khan and...
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  • We don’t want your stinkin’ guns

    Nobody’s coming for your firearms, Pee Pants, so stand the fuck down. This is all about keeping guns out of the hands of bad guys. If you’re on the No Fly List, you shouldn’t own an Uzi. If you want to terrorize and kill people,...
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  • Gorillagate

    Life is fraught with tough decisions. Taking down a 450-pound silverback male gorilla with a 3-year-old child in his possession is not one of them. Sure it was sad for the ape who just turned 17 and had his whole life before him, albeit in...
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  • My three-week writing vacation in Provence

    featured image My three-week writing vacation in Provence fullscreen
    A writing vacation? Really? I’m retired, so I should have all the time in the world to write. Right? If you’re currently in a ball-busting job (sorry all the juicy descriptors don’t have gender neutral equivalents) you are nodding in disbelief. But that’s okay, I...
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