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  • A week with my Tea Party brother

    Too often we drink from our own bathwater. We hang out with like-minded friends and watch only the news networks that bolster our beliefs. As a liberal, I force myself to endure “Fox News Sunday” but honestly, that point of view just makes me dig...
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  • The GOP deserves the S.O.B.

    Nobody believes Donald Trump will become our 45th president. But given his rise in the polls, even after his hateful and ridiculous comments about Mexican immigrants, he may be the Republicans’ just desserts. When it comes to members of the Grand Old Party, some, I...
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  • I smell wedding cake

    The United States Supreme Court has a big decision to make by the end of this month. When they rule on Obergefell v. Hodges, they will resolve two major issues: Can individual states prevent same-sex couples from marrying? If yes – must those states recognize...
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  • Bad cop, bad cop

    featured image Bad cop, bad cop fullscreen
    Much like Morty’s wife in the Swiffer sweeper commercial, we’ve all been living in a fool’s paradise. Her floors are dirtier than she thought. And so are the police. The tipping point was a revealing video captured by Feidin Santana, a 23-year-old barber originally from...
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  • My day at the lighthouse

    featured image My day at the lighthouse fullscreen
    Ascending to the very top. Breathtaking view below. Cigarette boats puff along the lake. Don’t you love the sound they make? Eerie, misty haze rolls in. Foghorn gently warns us. Glorious the sun returns, bronzed bodies back to their blankets. Half-naked humankind cavorts. I don’t...
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  • My dad is the Shecky Greene of the nursing home

    Well technically, he’s my stepfather. My bio-dad died of leukemia when I was three. Mom finally remarried the summer after I graduated from high school. I remember thinking, “geesh, she’s 40, why bother?” What a punk I was! Although my siblings called our new dad...
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  • Not every tat has a tit

    Sometimes a point is so strong, so true there is no counterpoint. Yet the never ending, knee jerk reaction exists to present, or invent, the other side of every single issue on this planet. Yes there are two sides (or more) to every story. But...
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  • Online dating isn’t for me

    I haven’t been on a date in two years.  Or maybe it’s been three.  I do miss the good bits of being in a relationship so, after some encouragement from friends, I joined OurTime – the online dating site for the over 50 crowd.  What...
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  • The Fried Chicken Bucket Challenge

    Good for ALS research!  All those celebs and ordinary people showing the world, or at least their Facebook followers, how much they care.  The challenge was to douse or donate… but by the tally I’m guessing a majority did both. It all started with 29-year-old...
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