• Be embarrassed, America

    Landmark Memphis Assassination Martin Luther King Jr

    Remembering A True American Hero Murdered 51 Years Ago

    Yesterday, April 4th, 2019, at exactly 6:01 CST, (on another SM platform), I posted a note on the execution of Dr. Martin Luther King. I waited to the exact minute on the 51st anniversary (6:01 PM CST) of his assassination to post the picture of him bleeding out on the walkway of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis TN. Along with this note, I posted the color image, where you can see he is bleeding out while people point to where the shot came from. The black and white picture so often share sanitizes the scene, since you can’t really make out the huge pool of blood under Dr. King.

    Sadly, I was not amazed that the only note of any kind was from a local rock station DJ who mentioned it in passing. I scanned around news channels and various forms of social media and it didn’t take long to come to the conclusion that most of America is either not awake, doesn’t care, or think the issues that got Dr. King murdered are someone else’s problem.

    I really didn’t expect any of the real problems, which is everyone in Washington D.C., to show some leadership by using their bully pulpit to remember a true American hero who took great risks to drag this country forward. I did expect that the NAACP would at least mention Dr. King’s contribution. Unfortunately, the NAACP didn’t make a mention of Dr. King on their website or Facebook pages. It is clear that the NAACP has lost its way. Instead, the NAACP would rather focus on marginal television stars, politicians who have yet to accomplish anything, and their  upcoming image and award show.

    Sure, racism is an uncomfortable subject. Bring it up and many claim we have accomplished so much. Yet the reality is that since Dr. King’s assassination, America on the subject of civil rights has not kept up with what we claim to be as “progress.” I’d suggest that we are actually moving backwards in certain areas because those with the power are doing their best to use race, religion, class, ethnic origin, gender, and other issues such as sexual preference to dilute the influence of “We The People.” These so-called leaders claim to be making America great again under the banners of Christianity and Patriotism, but in reality, are neither.

    Too bad this country lacks vision and true leadership at all levels. Too bad this country would rather continue to act as if change is something that happened and all is good today. Too bad most Americans can’t or won’t look past their own nose and instead would rather wait for someone else to clean up the shit they proudly walk through every day, while pretending they are in a garden of roses.

    So many should be so embarrassed, but that would take having a moral compass that points well beyond their own limited agenda and lack of vision.

      • Neil

      • April 6, 2019 at 4:56 pm
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      From the outside , it seems USA is intent on imploding…self awareness is a powerful tool necessary to allow positive change.

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