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    • Julie Parker

    • March 25, 2016 in Columnists

    I am the best aunt

    Since they were small children, each holiday I have mailed my niece and nephew a card, with a small item inserted inside. The mail offered something special, just for them; little surprises, appropriate for the particular holiday. Of course, when they were small, the items were easy to select, such as stickers. They are now in college, and sometimes the items can be a challenge.

    I couldn’t find anything I liked for Easter this year, so I decided to write a small “book.” From white paper, I cut out rectangular 3″x 6″ pieces, which I then folded in half, to open like a book.

    Behold, the story:

    A Disgruntled Bunny

    It was Alice’s fault, of course, with her stories of tea parties, smiling cats, caterpillars, and angry Red Queens. The next thing you know, people are jumping into rabbit holes, willy-nilly.

    Just because of a chronically late white rabbit. Some of us show up on time. Some of us have responsibilities, and work ethic.

    The Easter Bunny enjoys wondrous experiences as he hops, hops, hops down the bunny trail. But, does anyone follow him to see where the trail leads, or what he finds along the way?

    Nope. Nope. Nope.

    Aunt Julie
    A Literary Genius

    Yes, it’s silly. But, they laughed. Mission accomplished.

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