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    • Carolyn Wyler

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    • November 27, 2015 in Columnists

    Beyond the smiling face

    Beyond the smiling face.

    She pauses a moment
    before entering the room
    grasping intensely at the mask
    before placing it on her face.
    The room brightens
    as she walks in
    and greets everyone with smile.
    Her laughter echos off the walls
    of the room
    before twisting back and settling
    heavily on the mask on her face.
    A tiny drop of salty liquid
    blurs her vision.

    she laughs it away.

    in the evening
    alone in her room
    she collapses into her pillow
    and the tears fall.
    And she dreams
    of a quiet, peaceful
    endless sleep.

    She senses someone beside her
    who softly grasps her hands.
    She looks up with sadness in her eyes
    As  arms wrap tightly around her
    she hears someone whisper
    “You are not alone” !

    Note: I believe that all of us have had times of deep sadness, and during these sad times,  it helps to know (as Amy Ferris co author of Shades of Blue has said) that you are not alone.  Others have traveled the same route and have gotten through it. You can too. Reach out,  call someone.   Or if you notice someone who appears to be having a rough time, be there to support them through that rough time.  Things do get better.

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      This was great!

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