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    • March 9, 2016 in Columnists

    By way of introduction…

    Aren’t you just fabulous, clicking on my column to read when you don’t likely know who I am? I love you already.

    My name is Katrina Rasbold and I am honored to be included among the wonderful writers on iPinion Syndicate. My biography on this website tells a bit about me, but it is challenging to sum up my life in 115 words. I wear many hats and some are complicated hats best left to detailed explanation beyond the scope of even an extended column.

    I am a Baby Boomer child raised in Kentucky and now a mom to six grown-ups ranging in age from 38-16. I spent two decades of my life traveling the world as a military wife with the time divided between two husbands (consecutively, not concurrently), starting in 1978. Eric is my current husband and we have been together for just under 20 years. We left the military life in 2000 and never looked back. Currently, we live in Grizzly Flats, California near the beautiful El Dorado National Forest.

    Eric is my partner in all things including co-authoring 10 of the 32 or so books I have written. Although he sired only two of my children, he fathered them all and for that, our family is blessed.  We own and operate a shop called Botánica de La Reina in Roseville, California that is only open on weekends. The other five days, we make the magical products that we sell in the shop. It is a joy and a privilege to be of service to the customers and clients who walk through our shop door.

    We also created a wonderful spiritual path called CUSP (Climbing Up the Spiral Pathway) that uses the ancient agricultural calendar to manifest positive life change. Since 1997, we have used that system to manifest the life we want to live and it has never failed us.

    I am a professional life coach and public speaker. My passion is teaching and sharing. I began my career in adult education in 1980 as a natural childbirth instructor and now I teach the subjects I will share in this column with a focus on the movement and manipulation of energy for positive life change.

    I am an avid student of spirituality, particularly the paths people take to reach God or whatever they consider to be Divine and sacred. My Ph.D is in Religion and I refuse to cast negative judgment on how anyone connects with their most sacred self and their vision of Deity. As I said in one of my books, “My God does not need to beat up your God.” Rather than a contest for who is right and who is best, I see spirituality as a challenge to ourselves to be the finest, kindest, and more evolved version of us that we can be.

    This column will focus on ways to bring the sacred into everyday life and how to find magic in the world all around us. My approach is proactive and I am a strong advocate of accountability. I believe ultimately, we are responsible for the life we create and it is our duty to build a legacy that leaves behind a positive footprint both while we are here and after we are gone. I teach the process of how to step into our own empowerment and make positive life changes to create the life we want to live.

    I am not big on the New Agey approach that life is all sunshine, rainbows, unicorns and puppy dogs. Life is full of trials that shape who we are and in fact, define us based on how we respond to the crises and challenges we encounter. Sometimes, life just sucks and often, it is unfair. Occasionally, life kicks us in the teeth before we can get up from the last time it pounded us to the ground.

    What matters is how we process and respond to those experiences.

    Many years ago, my life was so far into the sewer that I could not find my way to anything sacred. I felt abandoned by my faith and felt foolish for having any kind of spiritual belief. Where had it gotten me? I had lost nearly everything that meant anything to me. I was destitute and devastated.

    From the bottom of that nasty pit, I decided that if nothing else, I would strive to maintain three things: Grace, Objectivity, and Dignity. They became my GOD in a time when I could not hear my usual version of “God.”

    Katrina RasboldYears later, in retrospect, I could see The Universe guided me the entire time and never left. I just did not want to hear what it was telling me and so I blocked it out. Since then, my relationship with The Divine — to me, God and Goddess because I believe anything as vast and unknowable as The Divine must embody both genders for totality — has flourished and developed beyond what I could imagine back then. I now live in the opposite end of the void I felt at that time.

    More recently, The Universe challenged me to step into my own full empowerment and after some initial resistance, I began to ease toward that resolution. I am still a work in progress, but as I look back on my life, I can see the formative process that took place and know that even when I did not realize it, I was moving unerringly toward my own greatest good and the fulfillment of my manifest destiny.

    I am honored that through many avenues of my life, I am able to help others along their own paths.

    My ambition is to update this column once a week. Some of the material will be new and some will be the retooling of previous columns from other forums. Other times, I will just think aloud onto the pixels (rambling).

    I look forward to sharing time with you and I hope you will check back into my iPinion space from time to time.


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