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    • Kelvin Wade

    • June 26, 2015 in Columnists

    Can you believe this awesome week?

    What a week, huh? It’s like Michael Moore’s wet dream. If Bill Maher could plan the nation’s week, it would turn out like this week.

    First, you saw the nation vociferously rise up and demand that Confederate flags be removed from government buildings. While some have derided it as putting a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound for not dealing with underlying racism and discrimination, symbols can be important. But beyond that, the Gone With the Wind mythos of the south as being this God, guns, grits and gravy wonderland (to borrow a phrase from Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee) and the flag as a symbol of “pride not prejudice” was punctured by inconvenient truths. For too long people have gotten away with the absurd idea that the American Civil War wasn’t about slavery and white supremacy. As I said in my newspaper column this week, try as you might you can’t wash the bloodstains from that flag.

    What a week!

    What a week!

    As if to underscore the dramatic change in America, a new analysis released by the U.S. Census Bureau this week finds that for the first time there are more minority children than white children being born in America. Non-Hispanic white deaths are outpacing births. Whites currently account for 62% of the population but are expected to fall below 50% in 30 years. Maybe our hope to finally live in a less race-conscious society is when we intermingle so much that we all have different races in our families.

    Also, this amazing week, the Roberts Supreme Court upheld subsidies for the Affordable Care Act, cementing President Obama’s legacy as the first president to deliver on universal healthcare. A loss could’ve meant over six million people losing their healthcare. And with that many people flooding into ERs for their healthcare, premiums were sure to skyrocket. Now instead of continually fighting something that has been passed by the people’s representatives and upheld by the Supreme Court twice, Congress should get off their butts and pass laws to improve this legislation. Make it better. Stop trying to take people’s healthcare away.

    Next up, abstinence-only poster child Bristol Palin, fresh off canceling the second sacred heterosexual marriage engagement in her young life, announced she’s pregnant for the second time. But being the daughter of a governor that quit halfway through her term, talking the talk and not walking the walk seems the norm in the Palin family. While Bristol getting pregnant is her own business and I’m sure her family will support her and love this new addition to their family, it might be worth doing some introspection. Don’t preach what you can’t practice, especially on a national stage. The harm here is real because whether you agreed with the abstinence-only movement or not there are many youngsters involved in it. No one wants to see youngsters make mistakes that will have repercussions their whole lives.

    And the earthquake you felt Friday morning was a 5-4 Supreme Court decision pulverizing anti-gay marriage laws from coast to coast and legalizing marriage equality for all. Coming on the eve of the 45th San Francisco’s Pride Celebration and Parade the celebration is going to be fierce!

    Opponents of marriage equality, you had to know this day was coming. The court has to take the law into account, not people’s personal opinions and religious views. If you don’t want American courts and governments using Sharia law, then you can’t expect courts and government using the bible or some other religious text to make rulings on civil law. The justices’ pathetic dissents were bitter and caustic with more than a whiff of bigotry. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from this group. They just need to get it through their heads that this is the land of the free and the home of the gay.

    Yes, this has been a week of frustration for Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savages and their ilk. I’m surprised Fox News isn’t just a black screen with funereal music playing.

    The only sad part of a week I think signifies a huge positive change in America is the backlash that’s coming. Yes, the empire will strike back. Those embittered by the Confederate flag being viewed in its proper historical context will react. Racists seeing the flag canned and the Census Bureau’s numbers will grow fearful and they will react. Politicians that have made a career out of trying to stick it to the President will continue to try to take folks’ healthcare away. And those angry about the success of the “gay agenda” will lash out.

    If this response is in the form of heated tirades on talk shows, angry letters to the editor, calls to representatives, getting involved in the political process and people otherwise making their voices heard then that’s how our system is supposed to function. I’m not worried about those folks.

    I’m concerned about the Jared Loughners, Eric Rudolphs, Scott Roeders and of course the Dylann Roofs. I’m concerned about the armed zealots. The time is ripe for more degenerate lone wolves to crawl up out of the slime. There are those twisted ones among us who will try to do with a gun or a bomb what they can’t do with their intellect, speech or vote.

    But we’re not turning back. We’re not going to turn back the clock. Time is on our side. This train is rolling on. America is moving on. And we’re going to leave the haters, the bigots, and the malcontents in the ashbin of history.#lovewins #hatersgonnahate #onenation

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