• Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

    by Jesse Loren

    I’m home from work today. I decided to watch Sesame Street while I still can. One cannot predict the outcome of an American election. I am preparing for complete corporate takeover of America.

    Money and corporations have stripped her of her title as leader of the free world. No amount of performance-enhancing substance in the blood of American politics can bring it to perform honestly. This country is tainted by money. The election is tainted by voter suppression and Citizens United.

    What is democracy, what is a republic, when corporations are considered people and can outspend and out-influence individuals with massive war chests of money?

    The voice of the individual drowns in the siren song of big money.

    What is a democracy when people, who make up the country, become less important that profit. If one values profit above people, then devalues the environment, devalues worker’s rights, devalues families, devalues the promise of Social Security, they have lost the purpose of governance.

    Remember We the People?

    Less government means leaner and meaner government. It serves the rich and hurts everyone else. Less regulation never made your food safer, your air cleaner, or your medicines safer. Less government doesn’t mean more opportunity for your daughter.

    One side wants to kill Sesame Street, Medicare, Obamacare.

    Why I care about Sesame Street is probably why the New Republicans disdain it:

    A myriad of colorful lives get along on Sesame Street.

    Gender is never a question or an answer.

    Grumps are welcome, along with pigs and frogs.

    Pigs and frogs can marry, and we all wish them well.

    Wall Street does not control the content, nor does it tax those skinny streets.

    Rhyme, innovative language and science are valued.
    Greed, hoarding and profit are not valued.

    Curiosity, joy, hope and acceptance of others are the dominant themes to celebrate, not squelch.

    I grew up on Sesame Street, even watched a taping. I can’t imagine a political figure would be against it, unless it was part of a larger, darker idea. Since Sesame Street is part of PBS, and PBS has balanced news, not news sponsored by Rupert Murdoch and a Republican message, I can see that it is a threat to creating a more ignorant Republic.

    I am home watching PBS and hoping that Americans aren’t dumb enough to return to failed policies of the New Republicans. I am hoping that the drum beating toward war with Iran is heard around the world, and stopped. I am hoping women’s rights to healthcare and choice are more important to voters than their ideas of bigotry. I like the America of PBS. I like Main Street; I like Sesame street.

    I want my daughters to have more opportunities than I have had, not fewer. I want to be able to have news without it being created by one political party that can’t tolerate another voice.

    America can get better or it can get smaller. Going back to the failed policies of the past makes us smaller.

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