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    • Donald Sanders

    • July 16, 2016 in Columnists

    The complex dance of intelligent matter

    Everything is old, millions and millions of years old. Your sister and brother and you and I are old. We are all just bits of matter and the only difference between you and I is the way we are molded, put together, much like your new truck or car is just very old matter molded and painted to look like it is new. Intelligent matter, that is what we are.

    Matter, under the right circumstance will become life. I don’t know how this works. I do know that matter moves around and bumps into other matter and if the other matter is weaker, the stronger will eat it or mate with it if it can. The matter that eats the most and mates the most will become the strongest. The strongest matter is not the most intelligent matter.

    The most intelligent matter learns how to avoid the stronger matter. It tricks it, traps it, kills it, and then eats it or mates with it. Some call this natural selection and I’ll have to go that route as well while looking at the greater picture. In the smaller picture, selection is not natural for it is selective and discriminatory in nature. Intelligent matter chooses what it eats and mates with, thus we find that inequality is natural and inborn.

    Intelligent matter strives for freedom, but freedom and equality are natural enemies. Intelligent matter that is discriminatory and selective will either be stronger or weaker depending upon its choices if it is free to do so. Intelligent matter that becomes weaker will naturally have fewer choices for what it eats or mates with. Thus, it does not have the same freedom that stronger matter has. So freedom along with justice and equality are just words, ideas. Intelligent matter that has freedom, justice and equality are nowhere to be found anywhere in the entire universe.

    Intelligent matter is self-repairing and is capable of mending everything around it, if it were free. Intelligent matter is prevented from freedom by matter that competes with it similar to the way bacteria, viruses, bugs, and worms attack living tissue. Like the white blood cells within our veins, intelligent matter tries to fight off this “other” matter. I call this “other” matter “assholes” because that’s where they thrive the most.

    None of this changes, all along the evolutionary ladder. There is always going to be intelligent matter wanting to repair its environment and there will always be “assholes” interrupting them on their every effort. If it were up to the “assholes,” nothing would be repaired or adjusted because they are in a constant struggle within themselves while striving to become intelligent. They can never be intelligent because they have been passed over by the intelligent matter and are forced to breed within themselves, thus they can be considered inbred and nonfunctional in an intelligent society.

    While these “assholes” are arguing, the intelligent matter will work at repairing its environment much like a gardener will plant one tree at a time and if the tree dies they will plant another and another until one takes root and grows enough to shade other new trees that can thrive together. A garden of Eden is what we would have.

    We here in Winters, California are lucky enough to live in a huge garden. That is easy to see. It’s a good garden, but it’s in danger of being taken over by invasive plants and trees that have spread all through the garden, brought in by men for various reasons, not always purposefully. Eucalyptus trees, Arundo and Himalayan blackberries were brought in by men for monetary reasons. Left to thrive, they would infest the entirety of Putah Creek.

    You would think that as intelligent matter, we could sit and discuss this in an intelligent manner. Not gonna happen! There will always be nonintelligent matter like viruses, bacteria, bugs and worms that will interrupt everything intelligent matter strives to do. It must be really hard for those that want to be intelligent when they know they never will be.

    So, life in the universe continues.

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