• Connecting with love, one brain at a time

    The human brain is a strange yet beautiful thing. Some think it is the source of all that we say, feel, think, and do. For them, the brain is the origin of all. If we think about this idea for a few moments, it becomes something else — something so large and so diverse that it becomes impossible to understand. If we want to study and understand the human brain where would we start?

    Think of yourself as a blob of brain all alone in a place devoid of light. I am assuming that the brain has told me that there is no light and everything is dark or all light and everything is light. Either way, we are unable to see or sense anything else until our brain tells us to see it. Now you’re sensing something else and the brain tells you it’s your hand. You don’t know if the hand is the object with five fingers or everything else that surrounds the object with five fingers. The brain must tell you.

    The simple task of sensing a hand becomes something so much more than a single thought because a flash of thoughts at the speed of light is what it takes for you to understand exactly what the hand is, where it came from, what it is for, and why is it there. To your surprise, while you were considering your hand your brain has expanded the dark room into something we call the universe and you are just becoming aware of it.

    Think of the internet. How large is it? Where does it begin and where does it end? It has to be immense beyond proportion yet it is exactly what your brain tells you it is. Compared to the human brain, the internet is infinitely small. It is something you could put into your pocket or simply keep it in a little electronic device. The internet is simply a thought that stores other thoughts for your brain, a memory tool.

    Now consider a group of brains. How will one brain connect with the other brains? How will one brain perceive the appearance of other brains? What form will they take? Will one brain have the same perception as the other brains? Will the perception be common? Will all of the brains see something similar to what the others are seeing? With infinite thoughts, I think not.

    What happens now? Will the brain solve this problem? I think it probably could if it wanted but maybe the interaction between one brain and another is controlled by something else. Can the brain think of things like trust, love, hate, or the longing for something that is not there? Sure the brain can analyze love and hate, but think of the infinite number of thoughts it would take to originate love or hate. How would the brain interpret love or explain the feeling when love is lost. When love is lost what does it become? Is it no longer love?

    The brain is incapable of resolving the issues of love. The brain becomes confused when confronted with the thought of love. It finds love complicated and too complex to explain. All the brain can do is associate the term of love with other terms it considers to be similar in nature but in the end there is nothing to be found that is similar in nature. Most of the time, the brain tries to associate love and hate as similar ideas but it cannot associate the two, for they have nothing in common.

    I don’t think the brain is capable of dealing with love and hate, for both ideas are all-consuming in nature. Love certainly consumes all, including hate. On the other hand, hate cannot consume love, and with enough thought, love could wipe hate from the face of the universe, and with it fear, lust, violence, and envy. I am a true believer when it comes to love. Love is the one thought that can bring one brain to understand another without fear, for fear is part of hate and is found nowhere in love.

    One brain cannot control another brain; many have tried. All a brain can do is control its own thoughts. You can fill your brain with hate and lust and envy, but be prepared to spend eternity in the darkness of the beginning of the very first thought while trying to figure out if the hand is the thing with five fingers or everything else.

    One brain can only connect with another brain if it is filled with love, trust, and caring. You can only control your own brain and it will become what you fill it with. A brain filled with thoughts of love is open and visible in the light, where other brains connect to become groups seeking connection with other groups. Only brains filled with love are capable of bringing a brain filled with hate out of the dark and into the light.

    Fill your brain with love and we will conquer the universe by connecting all brains, one at a time. This is our only hope.

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