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    • Tom McMasters-Stone

    • October 13, 2015 in Columnists

    Crimson Pride

    Yesterday, we saw the Washington Redskins get beaten. th (1)

    Today, October 12th, we take note of the very event that started the controversy over their name, the anniversary of the day that Christopher Columbus “discovered,” or more historically factual, happened upon a country already seen by other white people, and already inhabited by hundreds of thousands of human beings. Thus began the systematic decimation of those many real Americans.

    In the “AYFKM?” category, last night I had a dream that they were playing this very night on MNF — but that was not the case, which I discovered when I checked this morning’s sports coverage.

    Over the weekend, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that makes it illegal for any public school to use “Redskin” as a mascot.

    Over four hundred years later, we are still having the discussion. If it were either the Washington “Spearchuckers” or “Wetbacks”, the conversation would be over.

    As I have said before, it would be an easy fix to rename them the “Potomacs”, an old Algonquian name for the area, and would require no modification to the team’s historic logo.

    Alas, the owner appears to be the last one that will board the train.

    An interesting question for me is will there be any reaction from California’s NFL teams when the ‘Skins come to visit? Hmmm…

    Let’s go right to what would be the most courageous thing to do: forfeit.

    No, not the playoffs, or a Super Bowl held in California, but regular-season games until the name is changed.

    Will that happen? No. Will there be anything at all done? Not likely.

    It’s a shame, but no more so than the last four decades.

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