• Day 31 — and nada!

    As I write, today is Day 31 of the current, and much lamentable, administration.

    You remember, right?

    “I have a secret plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days”, and “I know more about ISIS than the generals do.”

    Like so many other things that come out of his mouth — bold-faced lies.

    We now know he doesn’t have a plan, and that he doesn’t even know more about ISIS than the Postmaster-General. Perhaps he could have come up with a plan, if he had not spent three long weekends in his first month in Florida, at Mir A Lago, thereby padding his pockets with all the money spent housing staff and the security detail. Conflict of interest? Of course it is. Adding to his yet-undisclosed finances.

    In the last month, Trump proved his lies by telling us he had ordered the generals to come up with a plan to defeat ISIS.

    That’s right.

    By all accounts, the Obama administration had ISIS on the ropes, and coming up with a “plan” — how about keeping on keeping on? Should not be too difficult.

    I hope we did not get a preview of the new Commander-in-Chief’s wartime capabilities when he approved a Yemen raid that Obama had vetoed — with the loss of one American, and numerous civilians. POTUS is 0-1.

    Certainly, presidents should not be blamed for raids gone wrong — not if one considers it at the intellectual level. On the other hand, we have eight years of GOP precedence, where POTUS was blamed for everything that went wrong, and given no credit for the plenitude of things that went right. Fair is fair. You gave us the rules for treating POTUS, and we are following them admirably.

    Oh. Unless you were showing us the rules for treating with only a black president, and not an orange one? Perhaps I am being myopic, or, perhaps, obtuse?

    When do the “Yemen!” investigation chants begin, as in “Benghazi!”?

    Also by all accounts, numerous civilian children were killed.

    An investigation is not only necessary, but mandatory.

    As is an investigation of the Russian ties, if any, to the Trump campaign — and Jeff Sessions must recuse himself, as the first senator to endorse Trump, and participate in his campaign.

    It’s time to find out what really happened — let’s get on with it, and quit dallying.

    And, yes, that’s a drawing of the original Isis. I couldn’t resist!!!

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