• Dear President Obama: How about a writing gig?

    (Courtesy CondeNast)

    February 19. 2017

    Dear President Obama,

    You have stated that, in your retirement, you want to rest, enjoy your family, and do some writing.

    I am putting this forward in order to offer you a, what I believe to be, a very special venue.

    Ipinion Syndicate is a group of writers, photographers, chefs, and artists that write about things far and wide, appealing to a broad base of interests.

    We are anchored on the Left Coast, which seems appropriate, and have a decidedly lean to the Left. We offer a forum to write as often or as little as you like. Writing or not, you’ll get a regular diet of recipes, if you’ll excuse me for saying so, as well as beautiful photography, biting social commentary, and sometimes-emotionally-exhausting introspection of people on some very difficult journeys and experiencing (sometimes) profound personal growth.

    Periodically, many of us collaborate on books that we’ve published. (And are available on Amazon!)

    Our latest offering is a book of pet stories called “Cats, Dogs, and Other Things That Poop in the Yard,” which was published in October of last year.

    Of course, we would like to extend this opportunity to your whole family. I, for one, cannot adequately tell you how proud I have been of you and yours over the last eight years.

    As you governed from the middle, we did not always agree, but you had logic and common sense, and the American people, as a background for all you did — perhaps not more so than in the area of environmental protection.

    We would be so proud to have iPinion become the writing home of the Obama family, with the stories of your lives, of the POTUS experience, and commentary on the present and future.



    Tom McMasters-Stone

    iPinion Syndicate contributor

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