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    • Matthew Najmowicz

    • April 11, 2014 in Columnists

    Debating people with a FOX News brain

    I am a sadomasochist — I love debating politics.   Politics was always an intellectually stimulating topic and area of personal interest.  Nowadays, debating politics is sort of like eating a taco from Taco Bell.  Maybe it tastes good.  Maybe it tastes bad.  But at the end of the day, your all-beef taco is just soybeans and some other unidentifiable substance grown in a test-tube.  Did you know there’s a substance literally called pink slime that is in ground beef?  Pink slime is actually ammonia — also known as poison. 

    FOX News is the pink slime of political debate. 

    To be fair, it’s not just FOX News.  You look at any right wing (Libertarians are also right wing) news source, and the same message is flashed:  THE GOVERNMENT IS COMING TO GET YOU!  All day, every day.

    When I enter into a debate with someone who is Republican, Conservative, Tea Party, Libertarian, or some other unlabeled right wing person, I can instantly tell what they’re going to say.  It’s almost scripted.  Unlike Taco Bell, they can’t think outside the bun.

    Why?  They all eat at the same Taco Bell of political ideology and intellectualism — if you want to call it intellectualism.  You can hear the same sound bites parroted over and over like a mantra.  They all read the same books, listen to the same radio and/or podcast, they watch the same shows, and they all think they are history and US Constitutional scholars.

    All of them know how best to run the economy because Sean Hannity told them so.  They read the Wall Street Journal or Drudge Report and hear about how business is taxed too much.  You will hear stories about how the government surrounded a ranch and has someone at gunpoint.

    The government is going to get you. 

    Really?  Just you?  All of us?  FEMA camps and the United Nations will take over the world?  Really?  

    It’s called propaganda.  I know, Bill O’Reily is looking out for you because the spin stops here allegedly.  I have watched that show a dozen times and Papa Bear is outstanding at spinning his brand of bullshit and nonsense.   MSNBC is just as guilty and I consider myself a left-leaning guy.  However, when Rachel Maddow talks about voter suppression or economic inequality it may be worth a listen.  When Sean Hannity talks about how there’s a war on Christmas or gay marriage, I start to scratch my head.

    I will say that FOX News might be right about the ACA/Obamacare.  The Affordable Healthcare Act, affectionately called Obamacare, might ultimately be a bad deal for Americans.  How would FOX News and other Republicans stumble onto the truth?   Obamacare is a right wing healthcare plan straight from the Communist Heritage Foundation.  Notice when you bring this point up, right wing people are in total disbelief. 

    Just tell a Republican that in the 2008 election, if they voted for Mitt Romney they voted for Obamacare.  They may spontaneously combust.

    It’s hard to talk to people who’ve been brainwashed by mainstream media (FOX News and right wing radio is the mainstream media).  They actually believe what they are taught about homosexuals, minorities, young people, community organizers, teachers and virtually anyone who is not a CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  

    It’s difficult.

    One time I was watching Sean Hannity lead a discussion on the economy.  Sean lobbed a softball question to a CEO of a hotel resort in Las Vegas.  Sean asked the guy what the government should do to help his business.  The CEO said in a deep and snarling voice, “The government needs to get the hell out of our way!”  There was a chorus of applause and older white guys screaming, “YEAH! YOU TELL UNCLE SAM!” 

    So, how do you deal with someone who has a FOX News brain?   I’m going to give you a little tidbit to keep in mind if you have to talk to a right winger who has Rush Limbaugh tapped into their veins like an IV filled with saline solution.  Realize they’ve been lied to for a long time. 

    The media is really good at doing one thing: distracting you from the real problems.  FOX News is really good at explaining why you are one missed paycheck away from losing your house.  The answer is Trayvon Martin, Vladamir Putin, the knockout game, the southern border of the United States, feminists, religious freedom, abortion and other issues that aim to do one thing: piss you off.

    It’s a bait and switch.  You never get a raise or ahead in life.  Time passes by and you build a resentment to your station in life.  Who do you blame?  Who do you feel anger towards?  The man or woman with a FOX News brain has been given a long laundry list of people to be angry towards. 

    Imagine the day in which Americans put down their anger for a moment and actually came together.  Imagine the day where we actually had a general strike.  Imagine the day where everyone walked out of their jobs and took a two-hour break.  Imagine the day where you turned off the TV, radio and news media website, and tried to genuinely talk to the guy next to you.

    Tell the guy with the FOX News brain if they want to escape Armageddon to try reading a new book.  Don’t be mad at the FOX News brain and instead, get organized.

      • Maya North

      • April 11, 2014 at 3:36 pm
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      One of the things I find most maddening is that you can show them incontrovertible proof (videos of Cheney saying one thing and then videos of Cheney making a liar of himself) and they’ll *still* stand by the bullshit they’re fed. After a while, I throw up my hands and walk away. Problem is — these people vote. 🙁

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