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    • Tom McMasters-Stone

    • November 2, 2015 in Columnists


    thAll the rhetoric we heard 12 years ago about “qualifications” to be president are out the window, quite obviously — or they only apply to Black-Muslim-Socialist-Terrorist-Kenyan candidates.

    Twelve years ago, it was illegal for Obama to be president, because he wasn’t really born here, his birth certificate, as well as the two announcements of his birth printed in Hawaiian newspapers back then, were fake. Now, the guy born in Canada is one of the darlings of the Right.

    Trump and Carson are leading the Pack. The Gaggle. The Murder. The Flock. I’ll be goddamned if I can see any way to call it the Pride.

    Are there some decent candidates in there? Yes. Are they getting appropriate, proportionate attention and focus. No.

    The biggest news of the last week or so is that McCarthy is not dead, after all — no, not Charlie, but Senator Joe.

    Trump has suggested several times that Ben Carson does not have the energy to be President.

    READ: Ageism. Ben Carson is too old to be president.

    He has also mentioned religion a couple times, proclaiming that he’s a Presbyter, while at the same time stating “Seventh Day Adventist — well, I don’t know.”

    READ: Religious cult, pariah, weirdo.

    All this from the misogynist rich guy who favors foreign-born wives so they will be more subservient than liberated, American women?


    The worst reincarnation of McCarthyism went seemingly unnoticed — or at least unspoken about.

    Last week, the Republicans had their last chance at Hillary over Benghazi. They knew it was their last shot and they were desperate.

    Kevin McCarthy’s bid to be Speaker had already been derailed by his admissions that the Benghazi hearings were a witch hunt — a sentiment echoed by a Congressman from upstate NY, Richard Hanna, on a local radio program.

    They knew that they had no substance upon which to focus. Certainly, they discussed in depth what they could salvage.

    What did the hearing look like, sound like, what was the main theme?

    “Sidney Blumenthal…”. “…Blumenthal…”. “…Sidney…”. “Didn’t Mr. Blumenthal…?” “Was Mr. Blumenthal…?”.

    Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera… Over and over again, ad nauseum. Hundreds and hundreds of times… By many different Republicans. Clearly, a concerted effort.

    And the questions were not about what the Secretary of State passed ON to Mr. Blumenthal, state secrets or classified information — but what he sent to HER!

    There is no mystery there — anybody can send anything to an e-mail address once they have it.

    And of all the people who sent the Secretary messages, they focused on one name: Sidney Blumenthal.

    Sent to the former Senator from New York, and front-runner to become President of the United States in a little over a year.


    There is still a strong antisemitic streak in this country. It does not take a genius to know that it is strongest in the Red states and in the 35-70 age range.

    That’s right. The Grand Old Party decided that there was nothing to gain but strengthening their base and maybe gathering up some stragglers along the way.

    They played the Jew card.

    Hillary. New York. The Jews. Gold. Diamonds. Usury.

    They killed Christ, right? As recently as 2013, a poll showed 26% of Americans believed the Jews killed Jesus. (Um, it was the Romans.) The Jewish males all have horns under their kippot. That’s why they wear them, right?

    It’s 2015. Lincoln, Eisenhower, Reagan and Goldwater are dolphin-rolling in their graves over what their party has become.

    Desperate. Pathetic. Despicable.

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