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    • Matthew Najmowicz

    • July 25, 2013 in Columnists

    Detroit? What Detroit? It’s royal baby bump time!

    The plight of Detroit, Michigan gained national media exposure the last few days.  Amazingly, the news pertaining to the death of the middle class had stiff competition over the royal baby being born.

    Isn’t that incredible?

    In Michigan superior court, Detroit was fighting for the ability to declare bankruptcy to settle debts with thousands upon thousands of creditors in the city and around the country.  People are going to lose their pensions, public services, wait an hour for the police to come to your home, and other horrors because of the decline of Detroit’s municipal government.

    Meanwhile, the three main cable news networks CNN, MSNBC and FOX News had split screen coverage about the royal baby no matter what they were actually reporting.  All three networks’ news tickers devoted itself to the precise time the baby came sliding out of Kate Middleton so he can inherit a $2 billion inheritance and have that privileged life that would make the Kardashians feel like common folk.  The royal baby gets elaborate protocol, trumpeters, security guards and other privileges only because he was born to the right family — the lucky sperm club.  WASPs know what I am talking about.

    As the cable news networks showed coverage of Detroit, the city looked like an ancient civilization archeologists have dug up from some sort of expensive excavation project.  Street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood, the urban sprawl looked like an empire that once flourished like the Babylonians, Aztecs or even the Romans.   Detroit was once an empire of steel, glass, gasoline, and rubber where its citizens could imagine a better future for their children by working hard, very hard.

    As some weep for the past, of a life of meritorious success, where hard work defined who you were, we now see the truth.  It only matters who you are born to.  Pedigree, lineage, aristocracy, the elite, the power class, nomenklutura (Soviet for bureaucratic power class), are the only way now to measure a man or a woman economic opportunity.

    Funny how everyone cared about the royal baby and just don’t see the actual message.

    Would you like to be born anyplace in Detroit or in the Royal Palace?

    You don’t like it?  Oh I’m sorry, no one’s listening to you.  Why should they?  You all drool over this stupid baby.  Detroit?  Who cares about Detroit?  Detroit is filled with violence, urban blight, too many black people to bring out your inner George Zimmerman, as well as unions and Democrats.  Why on earth should we care about the American Dream?  Detroit sucks!

    England does it right.  Class consciousness matters and is embedded into the British psyche. You get born to the right person, and your adolescent and entitled dreams come true.  If you’re lower class, tough luck kiddo.

    America devolved to a point where stake-holding doesn’t matter anymore.  You no longer have a stake in what you do.  Is your 401k or your company stock really doing that well?  Your life will be condemned to clipping coupons.

    Those who are born to well-to-do families will have a fantastic life.  They will have the royal baby life.  People like me and others, because of where we came from, will be fortunate enough to serve the royal babies’ drinks, pick up their trash, educate them, fight their wars, and other jobs that they deem lower class.  I only matter to a rich person if I can make them even richer.  Otherwise, I will be told to lift myself up by my bootstraps.  They will point to some rich person who was once poor and give me an anecdotal sob story about how they once had to pinch pennies and sleep in a car.

    No wonder why all of TV tells you it’s better to be rich and give birth to royal baby.  Who would want to be caught dead working a humble and yet wealthy life that Detroit, Michigan used to deliver.

    Let Detroit die ± I don’t want to be caught dead in Detroit.  I want to be a royal baby.




    • It was the lack of attention the Detroit story was getting that prompted me to write about our obsession with really stupid things – like royal babies. We were in synchroncity mode! Nice job!

    • Detroit started to go downhill long ago and when people should have cared they didn’t, sadly, Now it appears only bankruptcy will solve the issues. I hope the pensions will hold and services will be better and even faster. But until they make the changes, poor Detroit and it;s residents will suffer. The sad part that is Michigan as a whole has suffered along with Detroit. After the car industry didn’t give people the cars that were most efficient until they needed bailouts. When will we learn to prevent issues way before we are only putting out fires. Los Angeles is on it’s way as well unless they heed all the warnings.

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