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    • Donald Sanders

    • October 7, 2014 in Columnists

    Disciples of this truth

    We like to think our country is the greatest of all, the melting pot, where the tired, poor and homeless can find health, happiness and safety. I still believe this to be true, but it’s not as clear cut as that. I will be the first to admit that those who look different or speak with an accent will often face intolerance and discrimination, making melting into the pot very difficult. The Irish and the Italians will assure you this has always been true.

    In some parts of the world the American Dream is considered a lie. A growing majority of the world believes the U.S. is in decline and 57 percent of those polled feel the world should looks elsewhere to discover the future.

    Even Americans have been losing faith in public institutions for many years. Studies reveal a devastating decline — 83 percent say they have less trust in “politics in general” than they did 10-15 years ago.

    The American Dream remains remarkably resilient despite a continued wave of bad news. While confidence in the economy and our national institutions has significantly declined, 63 percent of Americans say they are confident they will reach their American Dream. Seventy-five percent believe they have already attained some measure of it. So it would seem that, despite all that is said, the world still flocks to the United States when they want a better life for themselves and their families.

    The American Dream is not a lie. Truthfulness and deception belong to the moral domain of intention. Someone is being truthful when what they say, they believe to be true. People tell lies about virtually everything — their true feelings, their income, their achievements and accomplishments, their sex life and in some cases even their ages. In some government circles lies have become more frequent in many circumstances than the telling of the truth. They think that telling a lie is considered best for all concerned, best for the American Public.

    Governments can tell a lie that contains true statements. This is either because the statements are, in fact, true or the liar is intending to mislead. Some can think they are telling the truth, but be mistaken. Thus they are being truthful, they are not lying, but what they have said is false. The essence of lying, then, is not the truth or falsity of the statement, but the conscious intention to mislead.

    The American Dream is not a lie. Whether or not someone is lying depends on their intentions and beliefs, what they believe to be true or untrue. We as Americans believe the American Dream is true. We want the population of the Earth to know that it is true. The Earth may observe us living with lies. We are, in fact, surrounded with lies but we are steadfastly searching for the truth. We know that in the absence of a search for truth, the most powerful influence on our young will be lies.

    We know that unless there is truth to be sought, the distinction between truth and untruth becomes meaningless. Things that are generally accepted would be taken as real and true, and the idea of what is ultimately real becomes an illusion. This, beloved citizens of Winters, California would be dangerous politically, philosophically, socially, environmentally and personally.

    The circumstances of the American Dream are just what they have always been. It is nothing but the truth. So to those who desire peace of soul and happiness, I say believe the American Dream. We, as Americans, are disciples of this truth.

      • Ralph

      • October 7, 2014 at 12:30 pm
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      Part of the problem is that there are those who do not believe that truth is absolute. Many look at truth as conditional….sad……

    • Not sure if I believe in the American Dream as much as I did as a much younger person. I think in some ways the USA is becoming a third world country. We value all the wrong things and don’t value the important issues like education, poverty, climate change and taking care of our citizens. We spend too much on other countries rather than working on our own.

      • Kathleen Brotherton

      • October 9, 2014 at 6:32 pm
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      The american dream is accomplishing three square meals a day, a roof overhead with utilities paid in their correct month

      • Ms. Brotherton,
        Yes, that’s exactly what it is! However I wouldn’t have said “utilities paid.” Freedom from harm would have been a little better. Much of the world could live on what you throw away rather nicely. There are women in the third world that would love to have what you have and that is the American Dream I am talking about. They dream to live as good as you do.

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