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    • Matthew Najmowicz

    • July 24, 2015 in Columnists

    Donald Trump spanking Lindsey Graham

    I’m not entirely sure if I’m with or against The Donald. In the last few weeks, an event unfolded right before our eyes and yet no one has truly acknowledged it through our media.

    The reaction to Donald Trump has been interesting. On the one hand, everyone loves the fact that Donald Trump calls politicians losers and exposes their hypocrisy. On the other hand, Trump has no plan to help rebuild American infrastructure or a cogent foreign policy besides sending our troops to their deaths. Mostly, everyone loves Trump calling politicians like Lindsey Graham or John McCain losers.

    Senator Lindsey Graham retorted, calling Trump a jackass, but unfortunately for the war mongering Republican US Senator, Donald Trump kept the receipt the day he bought Lindsey Graham and brags about it publicly.

    Just imagine if your car could talk and tried to lie and say you aren’t the owner and driver of said car. I believe this is the new political paradigm we might be entering. Our corporate overlords might be calling out the politicians (also known as their house servants) they rent or purchase.

    However, there is also a hidden message in all of Donald Trump’s quackery that no one heard. As Trump stated, he donated to Hillary and Bill Clinton. In other words, Trump doesn’t care whether someone is a Republican or a Democrat. He only cares if the politician he buys will carry his water. It only matters that the politician wakes up every morning and prays toward the houses of our corporate oligarchy four times a day and says in private “death to American democracy.”

    Politicians who accept all that campaign cash are basically the political equivalent of ISIS. Saudi Arabia is to ISIS as Donald Trump to Lindsay Graham, Hillary Clinton and the rest of them.

    Politicians who call out their corporate masters will be publicly humiliated, spanked, flogged and quartered. Look at what The Donald is already doing and there is no evidence to suggest he will stop.

    My question is — will other billionaires come out of their ivory and gold towers to call out politicians and label them losers? Will we see more of the oligarchy spanking their house servants?

    We live in a curious time of anti-politics. Every day Americans see the circus that is our political class and elite and yet some would still cheer on Donald Trump. As much as I admire anyone calling a politician a loser, Trump is just as guilty for creating such a loser.

    Ladies and gentleman, Congress can’t get the highway bill passed. Our government can’t get its act together long enough to pave a fucking road. Why? Their corporate masters tell them the same thing — don’t tax or regulate us and most importantly, don’t work with anyone.

    Don’t solve social problems — just get reelected. Politicians can’t get anything done because they have to constantly campaign. They have to fly out to their master’s house and beg for money every other day. Is there a solution to this problem? Maybe, but it’s a very anti-American proposition I offer to my reader. It goes against shopping ’til we drop. It goes against consumerism. Ronald Reagan’s ghost will haunt me forever if I make this suggestion.

    I’m going to whisper my suggestion: We need a constitutional amendment for publicly funded elections. I hope Saint Reagan didn’t hear me. I don’t want to hear stories about how he tried to join the Communist Party in America.

    I’m not totally sure what Donald Trump’s message is aside from the fact he is a walking god who shouldn’t be ridiculed or criticized. On the other hand, I’m fully entertained watching America going down like a five dollar whore.

    The master on the left and his slave on the right.

    The master on the left and his slave on the right.

    America is exactly like Trump Towers — a place built by egomaniacal wealth moochers and politicians who don’t give a damn about us. And much like Donald Trump, America’s soul is going bankrupt.

    • I also am watching the Trump campaign like it’s a sideshow. Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson likened him to Godzilla – the more electricity you throw at him, the bigger he gets. He feeds on ALL attention, good or bad. He’d be a disaster as a president, but in the mean time, it sure is fun watching him turn the Republican primary season into a circus! If nothing else, he is wildly entertaining… but for the love of God, don’t vote for him!

    • I think all the media outlets should never show Donald again. Why give him any press? Just remember Sarah Palin and Herb Cain were frontrunners once too. All asswipes with no redeeming qualities worth any press.

      • Kathy Brotherton

      • July 24, 2015 at 11:39 am
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      Donald Trump is like an enormous yeast infection in the vagina of the world.

    • When an OPINE piece is written it should be factual. Not mentioned was the date of donations given to Clinton.To add to that – there is no research into the facts on McCain or even on his sidekick Lindsay Graham. BUT – Trump would have all the data – he just hasn’t disclosed all that he knows. But, research explains a great deal. ALL men and women who are elected to the Senate or Congress should stand up for honesty and valor. Nothing less.

      • Why do I need to “balance” my piece when it was McCain and Graham who were attacked? I don’t have a great love or McCain or Graham. They were Trump’s targets. Other than that i am not quite sure what you point was. If you could unpack your statement briefly I’d appreciate it.

      • Jack Green

      • August 25, 2015 at 3:38 pm
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      Donald Trump is Clinton plant who has no intention of actually trying to be president. His function is only to make the other Republican nominees look like the douche bags they are, not to say the Democratic douchebags are any better. The Trump circus proves what has been a long time coming. American democracy, insofar as it has ever existed, is doomed.

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