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    • November 21, 2016 in Columnists

    Donald Trump is a weakling… pass it on

    Liston is like most big bullies, if you can stay away and make him miss for a few rounds he’ll get frustrated. Once you strip away that feeling of invincibility, he can be had.
    Rocky Marciano

    Desperate times lead to epiphanies and if ever in my lifetime there has been a desperate time, this would be it. Somehow, possibly by hook or by crook, one of the most heinous characters in our world landed the electoral votes necessary to be president.

    My heart has been suffused by a toxic combination of rage and grief ever since.

    There is hope, though, albeit slim and the way to it risky — it might not work, after all. It’s based on my early-morning, playing-World-of-Warcaft-as-a-brain-break epiphany about Trump — he’s a weakling.

    Yes. He really is.

    The main and obvious tell has been in front of us this entire time — I’m just not sure how the various challengers missed it. I wish I had realized it earlier. Had they tumbled to it, they could have used it to goad him into a meltdown so untoward that even that portion of the Trumplings who essentially amble around, running into walls like zombies would have picked up on the fact that their hero is a) not at all who he purports to be and b) truly so fragile that controlling him would be nearly effortless if one were just to try.

    Just look at Putin. He buttered Trump up and now Trump brags about how the vile Russian leader is his friend (when he isn’t lying about knowing him). Easy peasy.

    I honestly believe Trump could be controlled by a child, if that child had the nerve to take on a grown man (grownups are, after all, big and scary). Just insult him, even slightly, and you can see the results — a Twitter storm that he cannot and will not relinquish. Just ask Rosie O’Donnell. She lambasted him, sure, but a strong man would have rolled his eyes and sighed.

    Trump has been in paroxysms over it for years.

    He’s too weak to resist even the silliest and mildest of affronts. His responses to the Hamilton cast and SNL prove it. It’s pathetic and what’s worse, he doesn’t realize that he strips himself of every vestige of dignity he still thinks he has. So let’s step it up. Proving he’s a criminal was not enough to disqualify him. Blatant conflicts of interest don’t seem to be a barrier of any sort — at least not so far. But a complete meltdown? Oh, yeah. That should work.

    I do believe that mental collapse is grounds for removing a president.  Nip at his heels enough and I’m pretty sure he will explode at an epic level, laying groundwork for the assertion that he simply is not mentally stable enough for the job. Not like Barack and Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton, who have been ravaged by so many people for so long and have maintained their composure at the very least. Class acts, those. No, if enough people with enough stature take on the annoyance of his squalling tantrums on Twitter, we can get him going to the point where he won’t be able to defend himself against charges of instability. The stature is important because for a narcissist like Trump, we “little people” don’t really exist except as animated backdrop for the Big Show that is his life.

    One thing I find truly disheartening is how many Trumplings appeared to mistake loud bullying and a lot of money for strength. It isn’t and it’s vulnerable if you’re strong enough to stand up to it. I took down a schoolyard bully who had targeted me for destruction and enlisted both 5th grade classes in my school to do it — and I did it with nothing more than words. Now, mind you, I have felt terrible about that for years — she perpetrated a pretty big child’s evil on me and I responded with a full on adult evil that took her to the ground and probably required years of therapy.

    How? I found her secret fear and proved it to her.

    So then, how to goad Trump? Not just caustic insults and making fun of him, although that’s a reliable mainstay. Find his secret fears and prove they’re real. It won’t be difficult. He’s scared to death that he will be exposed as the tiny, frightened, weak, insignificant individual he truly is. That secretly or not so secretly, everybody’s been laughing at him for years (which many have). That’s what he fears most. And that’s what we have to push. Demeaning contempt with a snarky grin and rolled eyes.

    Is it mean? Yeah. It really is. But it’s nonviolent, not actionable if couched as opinion, and the situation is so dire that such desperate measures are called for. It’s our entire planet at stake here.

    So hey, Rosie O’Donnell, wanna get the ball rolling here?



      • William Ekpa

      • December 2, 2016 at 12:00 pm
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      So true. I wonder also, why his opponents didn’t see through it. I can only conclude that they were all cowed by how much they thought he is worth; one with such financial wealth is deified in the GOP.

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