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    • Julie Parker

    • January 4, 2016 in Columnists

    Don’t blink

    “Sometimes, you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss

    As with all the previous years, 2015 captured thousands of moments; some cherished, and some we’d rather forget.

    It’s easy to remember the bigger moments, such as hearing you’re going to be a parent, summiting Mt. Whitney, surviving an accident or cancer diagnosis, your band’s first paying gig, receiving a college degree, home foreclosure notice, love at first sight, or winning a paid vacation.

    It’s the smaller moments, however, that provide the filters; injecting varying hues of energy and light into our “everyday” lives. Perhaps you were sitting in rush hour traffic when “Highway to Hell” suddenly blared from your local radio station, the lime tree in your backyard bearing fruit for the first time in over a decade, a wave from someone in a parking lot letting you know he’s leaving, the entire bar joining you during karaoke, or getting caught in a sudden rain storm while walking, and realizing it actually felt pretty great.

    While it’s possible for photographs to capture moments, the majority of them are those we experience off-camera. My baby brother recently celebrated his 24th anniversary. My memory moment from his wedding was witnessed from the church pew, where I had a particular angled view. As my future sister-in-law walked down the aisle, I saw him turn to a groomsman, give him a “pretty good, eh?” expression, and receiving a thumbs-up, smiling response. It was so cute.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to revisit the moments of 2016 at the next New Year’s Eve? Write down moment memories on small pieces of paper (or wine corks) and toss them into a box. Invite your friends and family to contribute at mutually attended gatherings. On December 31st, open a bottle, fill glasses, and randomly pull out memories, reading them out loud, with a grand toast to end.

    A resolution worth keeping.

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