• Dreamboards

    by Sunny Schlenger

    Take one full moon. Add a piece of tagboard, one glue stick, a pair of scissors and a few favorite magazines. What do you have?

    A remarkable recipe for fun and sixth sense creativity.

    I participated in a dreamboard telecircle last weekend and experienced a wonderful return to the magic days of kindergarten. Do you remember the joy of cutting up paper and pictures and pasting them all together with that thick white paste that came in a jar? It usually turned out to be a lumpy mess but we didn’t know any better and loved the sight and smell of our “art”.

    And it was art. It was art that came from our five-year old souls and was totally authentic.

    When was the last time you created from the soul? And I don’t mean just playing together with your children or grandchildren, but rather doing it for yourself.

    I’ve created visionboards before, but they’re much more intentional, i.e., knowing what it is you want to bring into your life and displaying that in a collage. Dreamboards draw from the energy of whatever moon it is you’re working with, and therefore rely more on the intuition of the moment.

    All you need are the above named supplies and an hour or two to yourself. Leaf through the magazines and tear out any images or words that speak to you. You don’t even have to know why they speak to you – maybe you’re attracted, maybe you’re intrigued. Part of what’s fascinating about dreamboards is that their real power lies in what is revealed when the board is complete.

    Glue the images down in whatever arrangement is pleasing to you. You can completely cover your board or leave white space in between the pictures. And, if you like, you can add embellishments in the form of stickers, glitter or crayons. Then sit back and contemplate your art.

    I was surprised and actually delighted by what showed up on my dreamboard. My central image is a picture of a woman who appears to be flying. Underneath that picture are the words, “breaking the rules”. I think I cut those out because I would like to get out of my little boxes more often.

    I have numerous pictures of candles and light; I love them. There is a lot of yellow and orange and turquoise. Steamed crabs that remind me of Baltimore. A picture of a bed with a colorful quilt and pillows under a window overlooking the ocean. Chairs by a creek. Images of summer.

    My favorite item is a photo of a blue-footed booby in the Galapagos Islands. Next to him I glued the words, “feel the earth. touch the sky.”The bird makes me laugh and I like the idea of being grounded while I reach up.

    I think what amazed me the most were the pictures I cut out of little girls. At first I assumed that they represented an unacknowledged yearning for my first grandchild, but after studying my board for awhile, I realized that the children were actually me – my own little girl inside. Creating the dreamboard had let her come out to play.

    I seem to like mostly images of nature, but I’ve seen other boards full of fashion, food and home design. (I’m sure that’s at least partly due to the magazines each of us select). It’s interesting to note how boards change from one full moon to the next but perhaps the most fascinating exercise is to look back and see what you’ve manifested over time. Our telecircle leader told us that she put together a puzzling dreamboard back in January that depicted various aspects of travel. In the following months she was asked to participate in several distant workshops and conferences that had not been on her radar at the start of 2010.

    Regardless of your interpretation, it’s simply good fun to indulge your creative side in this way. You may want to make it more of a social event and ask friends or family to join you. Children, especially, seem to love the idea of constructing a dreamboard and their choices of pictures can give you insight into what’s significant to them at this point in time.

    When your dreamboard is complete, put it in a place where you can look at it frequently. It will probably make you smile each time you see it but more than that, it will remind you that these things matter to you and that your intuitive self can teach you something.

    Maybe it will also remind you that your “inner artist” needs tending. Discover who’s in there these days and rediscover yourself.

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