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    Eat your weeds, but only the right ones

    Hello Friends!

    Well OK then! Lots of excitement around my last email to you about mallow.

    I have gotten lots of communication with questions about mallow and thank you’s for introducing this delicious weed.

    The buzz about mallow has been so big in my universe, every day people have been talking to me about mallow. I got emails from people that were just, well, flabbergasted that they could eat this plant that has been growing all over their yard for years.

    I was sitting in a café in town earlier this week. An acquaintance came up to me and said, “Oh wait, let me go get this bag I picked of what I think might be mallow.” I just had to crack up; people were coming out of the woodwork asking me about mallow. Anyway, she came back with a baggie full of green plants that were NOT mallow.

    Really the plants in that baggie looked nothing like the photographs of mallow; I think she just really wanted it to be mallow!

    OK, key point here. You have to be 125 percent sure about which plant you are picking. You have to be absolutely positive, without a trace of a doubt that you know what the plant is.

    Really, the BEST way to do this is to find some body that knows that plant and can SHOW you. Plant identification from pictures can be TRICKY!

    Yes, there are toxic plants around. You really need to KNOW which plant you are picking and eating. Accurate identification is IMPORTANT!

    Have you found any mallow in your yard? I put up MORE pictures of mallow, check them out here:

    Mallow Plant

    Leave a comment here and let me know if you found mallow and if you have eaten any this spring!


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