• Eureka! California wine

    A cousin gifted me six bottles of homemade wine created by one of her Burning Man friends. There were a few varieties, including Cabernet, which I brought to my brother’s home for a family dinner. I really enjoyed it. I poured a little for my brother, and he really liked it, too.  His mother-in-law, however, thought it was disgusting, and actually screwed up her face to emphasize her opinion. Her brother (who considers himself a connoisseur) declared it, “Dago Red.”

    Obviously, we all have different tastes (natural or acquired), whether it be music, art, or the literal taste of wine. I make it a point not to study micro-climates, soil, etc. I have heightened senses, so I want to experience the wine on its own. After the initial taste bud encounter, how does it feel after it has settled in my system?

    As a resident of Northern California, I am blessed to be surrounded by a variety of quality craft beers and wines; perhaps even a little spoiled. Although Napa and Sonoma Counties offer vintner legacies, wineries up and down the state are creating new award winning wines. In fact, with regard to the UK, John McLaren, UK Director of the Wine Institute of California, was quoted in a recent Harpers article, “California is in a better place than it has been in years.”

    Sommelier Michael Petersen of Main Street Cellars discusses, and introduces, California wines in this week’s podcast. Cheers!

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