• Everything wonderful in a concert, including the Kitchen Synch!


    Here we are getting ready for our Sunday, August 19th House Concert at 2829 Ganges in Davis. I really hope you can come. The last concert was standing room only, and the music is gonna be even better this time!

    Kitchen Synch plays the first set promptly at 4:00, followed by Duval Speck at 5 p.m. Duval Speck will be playing an all-new set, so if you liked what we did July 8th, you’ll be delighted with this performance.

    Kitchen Synch also has fabulous new tunes and there’s talk around town that this band is rising to the top quickly! KS is Neal Hibbard, Cathy Speck, Leila Brannan and Daniel Kimmel-Terra.

    Duval Speck is Linda Duval and um, uh, Cathy Speck. www.duvalspeck.com

    Our “collectors’ item” CDs will be available as well as Phoneto Greeting Cards of all band members! Super fun!

    You can also order ultrahip KS band T-shirts featuring a groovy design by Leila!

    This House Concert and refreshments are free, but donations to The Walk to Defeat ALS are welcome.

    Please arrive by 3:45 p.m. and bring your own folding chair, if possible. To ensure you have a place to sit, please make reservations by emailing or texting me at: speckduval@gmail.com  310-508-7401

    You can read about Duval Speck at www.duvalspeck.com. KS is currently constructing a website, but here’s their promo blurb:

    There’s a new band in town, Kitchen Synch, and their debut House Concert in July was a huge hit! KS is Cathy Speck, Leila Brannan, Neal Hibbard and Daniel Kimmel-Terra, all long time Yolo County residents.

    Thirteen year old Daniel plays acoustic and electric guitar, bass and ukulele. He’ll be covering a lot of bases since Neal plays keyboards, ukulele and melodica. Leila, who just turned sixteen, sings lead vocals and harmony, while Cathy sings lead and harmony vocals and plays percussion.

    Their repertoire includes creative covers of Neil Young, Michael  Jackson, James Taylor, The Beatles, Adele,  Tom Petty, Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse, Queen, and more — there’s something to tickle the ears of every listener.

    Cathy, who has been singing professionally for more than 25 years, is “coaching “ these eager, promising musicians and is thrilled with the dedication, desire, and progress.

    She formed the band in April, 2018 when she couldn’t find a band to play at short notice for her Davis 2nd Friday Art About reception. After just four rehearsals, the band performed impressively well before a supportive audience. This “successful” experience was so exciting and encouraging, the four decided to continue prehearsing and become a “real band.”

    Cathy, who has been singing professionally for more than 25 years, is “coaching “ these eager, promising musicians and is thrilled with by dedication, desire, and progress of her bandmates.

    And what’s truly amazing is that Cathy, who has ALS and metastatic neuroendocrine cancer, wasn’t able to sing at all for two years after recovering from a debilitating bout with pneumonia.

    She has gradually “rehabbed” a new singing voice, and as a recent concert-goer noted, “It’s not the same voice she had before, but it’s beautiful and almost miraculous…”

    So there you have it! I’m blushing. And now I’m done being such a Chatty Cathy.

    Hope to see you Aug 19th!

    Cheers !


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