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    • Donald Sanders

    • October 7, 2016 in Columnists

    Fear is powerful, but love truly conquers all

    I’ve been afraid all of my life. At the same time I’ve learned to split things up so that on the outside, the fear is hard to spot. The truth is I’m shaking with fear on the inside, but anyone who looks at me cannot see it. All they can see is the mask I wear to hide what I am really feeling, way down deep.

    Fear is infectious. Once it’s inside you, it spreads until you lose all control. When it has control of you, it can then spread to those around you. One at a time, everyone around you will fall to fear. At this point, there is no stopping it. Like a wildfire, it will spread and spread and spread until the fear is out of control.

    Fear has no reasoning or sense. Individually, fear will make you do things you don’t want to do or just as easily it can incapacitate you until you do nothing at all. On a larger scale, fear becomes so powerful that it can lead to everything evil you could ever imagine. Out of fear, all bombs, guns, tanks, warships, murder, genocide and rape are born. This list could go on and on forever, for fear will not let you stop.

    It matters not if fear is real or imaginary because it has the same result. Those who fear others will never find true love. They will never travel to exotic places or meet people of other cultures. In the end, it will cause misunderstanding and suspicion that can erupt into bloodshed and war, and it does not matter if your fear has substance or not. You just have to believe it is real.

    There are those twisted individuals who seek to control others, sometimes on a grand scale. They want more, more of everything. They know they can take whatever you have without any effort at all, without physical violence. This is nothing new. It’s as old as mankind itself. The introduction of fear can persuade even the toughest of individuals to give up everything a person has held dear to his heart.

    Those who control fear can become just as all powerful as fear itself. They can persuade you to draw a number out of a hat that may require you to send those you love the most (sons and daughters) to slaughter or be slaughtered in a faraway place. If they want your children, they will take them, period. If you resist, they will lock you away unless you’re fortunate enough to escape to wherever, Canada, let’s say. Even this is no longer an option.

    So now you may ask if this is all that man has to offer. Behavior that is controlled by fear can also be controlled by love. Fear is powerful, that’s a given, but love truly conquers all. While the former tears you down, the latter will build you up and give you the strength to resist even the greatest of fears. Love freely given to others brings clarity and peace of mind to all it touches.

    Why is it that we choose to believe the worst when we are told that someone is our enemy? Why is it so hard to believe that they are just like us, controlled by fear? The escalation toward violence that comes with fear can be stopped in its tracks by only a few tiny steps of love. Fear is so hard and love is so easy.

    Love is the tool you need to combat fear. When you’re afraid of something, anything, the introduction of love, even a tiny amount, will push out any fear you have. I am told that those who control love and use it every day in their lives will have the power to change everything bad about their lives as quickly as the drop of a hat.

    I say we should try it. What do you think?

      • Madge

      • October 7, 2016 at 9:20 am
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      Great column. Fear is what is driving this country right now. Scary for our future.

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