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    • Matthew Najmowicz

    • September 22, 2013 in Columnists

    Forget about last week — next week has to be better

    We had a mass shooting in the Navy shipyard in Washington, DC.  Congress decided to cut out $40 billion in the food stamp program and try to defund Obamacare for the 42nd time.  In Rhode Island, unemployment has gone up a tenth of a percentage point to 9.1 percent.  Susan Farmer died, the first woman ever to hold elected office in Rhode Island.  (Interesting side note about Mrs. Farmer — she was a Republican that fought for public television after she left politics.  She actively led the fight for funding Rhode Island PBS and started a show on state and local politics called “A Lively Experiment.” We need more Republicans like Susan Farmer). 

    Every time I look at The Huffington Post, Drudge Report, Al-Jazeera, Washington Post, Detroit Free Press and Yahoo! News, I feel like I want to give up on life.  Why in the hell are we all trying so hard when the news and our society seems like a clogged up fraternity toilet after Mexican night? 

    The news cycle is literally rice and beans floating around with turds.  Unbelievable.

    On Saturday, I felt fantastic.  I woke up with optimism, had a lovely dinner out with my parents,  came home to some lovely emails from people saying hello, my Dad and I washed our dog Shelby, and Shelby looked and smelled like a movie star, and then it happened. 

    I turned my computer on around 6 p.m. and went to The Huffington Post.

    I screamed a short vulgar shout.  I used my favorite curse word that James Lipton would approve.

    What the hell was I going to write about?  Absolutely everything that happened in the news was atrocious, noxious, and unending.  It appears the world is taken over by madmen who wish nothing but ill-will toward humanity.

    Can we have a break, please?

    Bill Burr made a point on his podcast when he said something to the effect that it’s very telling about our society when a Glock costs as much as an IPod.  I went online to check out Bill Burr’s societal observation and you can absolutely have a Glock for $299.

    You have the right to get a Glock in two days with your credit card.  Can’t find work, healthcare, food, education, politicians to care, a working Congress, a shoe that doesn’t smell, or kids that tune you out with their Smartphone — good luck with that American Dream.  More like American Ambien Dreams. You know, the type of dream that makes you crazy and you end up in an airport like US Rep Patrick Kennedy did. 

    I started to play a video game, Civilization, to try to break myself away from the news cycle.  It’s a game where you choose a civilization and build towns, world wonders, roads and shops, and compete with other civilizations.  As a nation, sometimes the only way to expand your empire is to invade another country.  Then I started to think about America, Syria, China, and Russia.  I quickly got disgusted and turned off the game.

    I am depressed writing this piece and I pride myself on being funny and occasionally witty.

    I’d rather watch Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin do a little girl-on-girl action with Senator Ted Cruz shooting off fireworks than put up with last week’s news.  Let’s be honest, I’m watching that show.  I like fireworks very much.

    Next we’re facing a looming government shutdown around October 1……

    OK, I’m going to shut up.


    Honestly, we all need to wake up to a new day.  One time, we all need to wake up and the grass is a little greener, our wives and husbands smile easier, the cats don’t poop on the floor, or we just put on a great song to start off our day.  We may have to work a little harder to have a good day.  I know I have to work harder to have a day where I end up with my face in a pillow with an irresistible smile that even charms the woman of my dreams (she is a blond to speaks French to me — true story).  

    I have to turn off the news websites. They’ll only let me down.  Instead, I need to just be my best self and try to maintain as hard as I can.  There are no more miracles left asides the ones I can produce. 

    Little ole Rhode Island has a very simple state motto: Hope.  I need to work for my hope.  We need to work for our hope.

     Just going to turn off the TV and keep writing.

    • Funny – I was going to write something in a similar tone. The constant barrage of bad news is starting to erode my soul. Last week, I didn’t watch the morning national news at all. (I’ve been watching it since high school.) I only watched the local news on the DVR, and fast-forwarded through most of it. I was particularly aware of how much of it was bad or depressing or alarming. And – I am powerless over most of it. The only thing I have power over is the TV – I can turn it off. Ditto for the internet.

      I spent most of the day puttering around cleaning this and straightening that… I wouldn’t have known about Kenya if I hadn’t turned the computer on this morning. In the end… would it make a difference in my life if I didn’t know? Moreover, will it make a difference for Kenya if I didn’t know? If no difference results from my awareness…. why be aware of it? Why not instead be aware of my yard, my cats… a nice cup of coffee? The end result is the same… but I’m less miserable.

      • As soon as I came home from dinner last night I made the mistake of turning on Huffington Post. I went crazy for five seconds. This week, I am going to not watch the news for an entire week and write about it- with the exception of Daily Show and Colbert Report fake news.

    • AND…. that goes double for Facebook.

      • Maya North

      • September 22, 2013 at 2:35 pm
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      Matt, watching you grow as a columnist makes me incredibly proud of you. The world has always been like this, but the news about it has never been so immediate. It IS overwhelming and devastating and makes it hard to get up and get on with a reasonably happy life. Fix what you can, breathe through what you can’t and celebrate all that is wonderful. I promise there’s still plenty of it. ♥

      • Thank you Maya for being so sweet and encouraging to everyone and myself. 🙂 The world is better with you in it.

      • Heather Lee Alani

      • September 22, 2013 at 7:12 pm
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      Instead, I need to just be my best self and try to maintain as hard as I can. —If everyone had the attitude the world would be a better place! It’s your voice in unison with other’s who breath the same passion that makes a difference. Never give up hope. If we can breath, we can make a difference! You leave me starry eyed as always Mr. Naj.

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