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    • Tom McMasters-Stone

    • February 6, 2017 in Columnists

    #Freeday Friday

    It was my intention to write my first-ever column solely with my Dragon Naturally-Speaking software, but I do not have a good enough microphone with me here at the ranch. There is one on order, of course.

    For the last eight years, Facebook has transitioned from a friendly novelty, very exciting, to a mostly political forum. I am as guilty as many, less so than some.

    Did we on the Left start it? No, even before he was elected and/or sworn in, the attacks on BHO started, and Trump led the birth  certificate witch hunt.

    Certainly, we did take W to task vociferously over his wars, and, in this case, foresight and hindsight being in agreement, we were correct. However, when the half-black guy came along, the attacks were personal, and despicable.

    Me thinks we need a rest from this, a weekly respite, perhaps?

    We need a break from “Bigly,” “Hugely,” “I am such good friends with…,” “alternative facts,” and the “crooked news” comments with which we bombard each other.

    And of course, those on the Right have ceased complaining suddenly and almost immediately about the huge costs of POTUS’ travel, the $200k daily costs of the First Lady and Last Son living separately, the inherent conflicts of interest in patronizing Trump properties and golf courses, and holding meetings at the old Post Office. We have heard no complaints about the attacks on federal judges, or about the impetus to make the “nuclear option” the normal routine of business in the senate. Friday is the obvious choice. After all, we can almost certainly assume that this new POTUS will have a four-day work week, leaving Fridays open as a lead-in for his travel and golf-laden weekends.

    There is complete silence over Saudi Arabia being left off the List of Seven is despicable, as Trump lines his pockets with his business interests. And the religious objections over abandoning refugees has been, well, absent.

    However, I digress!

    Friday = #Freeday!

    I think it would work out quite nicely.


    In Spanish, it could be Freeiernes! In French, Freendredi. In Latin, Dies Freeneris. In German, Freetag. In Italian, Freenerdi, close to the French.

    In Canada? Eh?Day.

    Oh, goodness! Despair! Whatever would we talk about?

    How about harkening back to Facebook 1.0? That seems very appealing to me, I look back to it very fondly, just as I remember my days-off with my young children, look fondly back on my Atari 2600 video game system, my Gamecube (I still have two of them!), and my Tandy 1000 SX computer, my first personal foray into the digital, or perhaps, diskital world.

    I wish my original foray had been walking into Bill Gates’ garage, and handing over $5k to him, but, alas, it was not to be so.

    (Yes, I was there for Pong — we had one at the fire station in 1977)

    So, where would we go, where would we find a day of peace and tranquility?

    Music, of course, must lead the list. YouTube, et al, is an unlimited resource for the best, the worst, the subtle, the sublime. It would be almost-impossible to beat the lyrics of “Heart of the Matter” by Don Henley, but you would be welcome to go for it!

    Pictures. School, nature, sports, pets, family, historic sights and sites.

    Movies and TV — so many classic moments to choose from and share.
    Jokes, puns, pranks, Punks and “Here, hold my beer and watch this!” moments.

    Perhaps a monthly
    A Haiku-Only Friday?
    For serenity?

    And books — what we have read, what we are reading, and what we have missed. Thumbs up, thumbs down.

    I would like for this to catch on — not out of any arrogance of authorship, but because I would love to have a weekly break from the hyperbole, whatever it ultimately looks like, or whomever might be the successful author!

    P.S. Thanks to one of my editors, Debra, for suggesting this idea as a full column. I was skeptical, but, as usual, she was correct!

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