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    • Matthew Najmowicz

    • July 15, 2013 in Columnists

    Get off my lawn, Trayvon Martin: Law Abiding Whites following the LAW

    “The dem/libertine war on whites took a serious “Waterloo” type of blow, with this verdict.The message don’t tangle with law abiding whites, we are CCW.”  Comment from a person calling him or herself “War on Whites.” Comment excerpt take from http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/07/14/Obama-Responds-to-Zimmerman-Verdict-Stem-the-Tide-of-Gun-Violence 

    In Right Wing culture, or, as French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan would call the “collectivist super ego, the George Zimmerman verdict was an affirmation of subconscious desire.  The desire of Right Wing people is simple – get away from me, foreigner. The word “foreigner” isn’t as it appears to be, so I will unpack this deep-seated idea.

    When President Obama was running for office, no one took him seriously and he was not perceived at a threat.  Everyone thought Hillary Clinton was going to beat him soundly.  The polls in 2007 suggested as much.  When President Obama ran against Senator McCain, the polls suggested a new shift in voter demographics to confuse traditional electoral math.  Fewer middle aged white males were voting for the Democrat Barack Obama.  The polls suggest that Barack Obama had to forge a new path to victory with voting blocks in the Latino community, the Black Community, the 18-34 year old demographic and with women.  Noticeably absent were senior citizens and white older males; this shift became even more pronounced in the reelection effort in 2011. 

    A foreigner was in office and everyone went hysterically crazy, especially Right Wing America.  Obama was a Kenyan, a Socialist, a Communist, a N— and anything else you were trying to get away from when you moved out of the city. 

    As the great Paul Mooney said in a comedy special, “White people haven’t been this afraid since the last Indian raid.”

    When President Obama was elected into office, a Right Wing friend told me that she was getting a ton of texts saying “Great, we can all be in the cotton fields now.”

    I assert that Trayvon Martin is symbolic of Right Wing America’s desire to be rid of President Obama – because President Obama is a thug and a foreigner.   

    Look at the comment at the top of the column We are CCW:  “CCW is concealed and carry weapons.”  Why the hell is America arming themselves to the teeth?  Why does White America feel like they are being oppressed?   Was a White American chained to another man and forced to work in a cotton field all day?

    It’s not silly, it’s fear.  Imagine if all that you fear and hate was on TV every day giving speeches.  Imagine the person next to you didn’t look like you, and you couldn’t handle the differences.  Imagine for one second you felt like your home was being invaded.

    It’s time to grab a gun and stand your ground – just like in Florida.

    A collective sigh of relief was felt in Gun Country.  Now it was totally okay to fight against those whom you felt oppressed you.  Everyone could now get a gun license, follow the enemy (someone who doesn’t belong here), and if you bait them into a fight, you could blow their brains out. 

    This is a blueprint for murder and that murder can be committed with absolute malice and hatred – as long as you follow the LAW (law abiding whites…see above comment).  Follow the LAW and the LAW will have your back. 

    See how deep and pernicious this gets?  Hatred of this sort is steeped deep within the collective conscious of our society with no signs of slowing down.   Florida’s so-called Stand Your GroundLAW is an extension of the 2nd Amendment.  Not only can you bear arms, but now, if you feel threatened, you can shoot who you like.  Stand Your Ground LAW is coming to a state near you.  Why not just shoot at whom you are afraid of, whether it’s a politician, elementary school kids, a teenager armed with an iced tea, anyone who looks different, anyone who disagrees or people who just get too close to you.

    What do you do with a foreigner (a non-WASP)?  Build a fence, shoot them, hold them back, run for office against them, and fight fight fight in the name of the Constitution and our Founding Fathers.  America is under an invasion!

    Right Wingers who are in Community Watch and other organizations like that now can be part of the police state.  People who cried foul over the NSA computer surveillance program, but had no problem with citizens with little law enforcement training pretending to be police officers have found their niche.  All you have to be is a perceived threat, and you will have a diabetic 66-year-old in a scooter chasing you around with a gun he last used in Vietnam. 

    Get off my lawn!  Get off my lawn Trayvon and President Obama.   I will stand my ground, you foreigners!  You are not above the LAW!

    • Great article Matt. Fear motivates a lot these days.

      • Tom Mcmasters-Stone

      • July 15, 2013 at 9:50 am
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      I like it, Matt, well done! I love your stuff, and my dogs even still love you, despite me reading that previous column to them! 🙂

      • What the hell?

      • July 15, 2013 at 5:20 pm
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      You understand Zimmerman is a first gen and a Latino, right?

      • A Latino with a Jewish last name? Plus, when did I call Zimmerman white? Read the excerpt on top with the link. He signed his name “War on Whites.” I didn’t say it, they said it.

          • What the hell?

          • July 16, 2013 at 4:11 am

          Oh, of course a Latino can’t have a Jewish last name! Silly me!

          So you found some idiot on the internet. Big whoop. Lots of smart, non-racist people wanted Zimmerman off too. I don’t think Martin is a bad guy because he has bigot and fool Al Sharpton on his side.

          The great thing about this theory of yours about “foreigners,” is you can use the EXACT SAME COLUMN when a black guy shoots a Latino! Brilliant!

      • What the hell?

      • July 16, 2013 at 4:22 am
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      “A Latino with a Jewish name?” questions the guy who is, I guess, upset about, um, racial stereotyping?

    • Black people can be racist. Absolutely. Never said they couldn’t be. But that isn’t the point either. Zimmerman is free, although he will have to be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life….until he begs for forgiveness from his community for being a dumbass.

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