• God is not Spiderman

    by Jesse Loren

    People say the dardest things. When my father died, there were two things people said that made them feel better and me feel worse. The first was that my dad, “was in a better place.” I assume a better place meant he would be in heaven, but knowing the faults of my father, I doubted that. My father was also a devout atheist, so being dead was not a better place, it was a neutral place. It meant his life of being a gifted musician was over.

    Another comment was that it was God’s will. OMG, what kind of bullshit is that?
    God didn’t take my father. Cancer did. This teleological poppycock of blaming the silent hand of God for terrible events is illogical and harmful to society.

    During the recent senate debate in New Albany, Indiana, incumbent Richard Mourdock said, “Pregnancy from rape is something God intended.” I suppose cancer is what God intended. I suppose getting hit by a car or massacred is what God intended. Hey, why set any goals and live by values if violent and terrible outcomes are just part of having this God force? What a complete moron.

    Here are some basic science facts to keep in mind:

    God doesn’t fertilize an egg, sperm does.
    The penis, not God’s hands, shoots sperm out. (He’s not Spiderman)

    Rape is not a magical delivery system for sperm. It is a violent act against a woman.

    Violent acts against women are violent acts against society. Framing them as “God’s will” harms the fabric of society. The United States of America is a society based on Rights and Laws. Rape and violence are against the laws. These barbaric acts are against the laws because they undermine the peace of society, they are harmful, and they must be punished by the law. Introducing “God’s will” into the law undermines the rule of law and the rights of society.

    Every time a person on the extreme right opens his mouth and tries to insert dogma into law, all citizens should be alarmed. It is an assault on democracy. It is an assault on freedom. It is an assault on women. It is an assault on the fabric of society.

    St. Augustine wrote about free will and God’s will at great length. God’s will has been something hard-pressed to understand. Augustine of Hippo tried to suss it out around 397 AD. His writings greatly shaped the Middle Ages. He also sought to eliminate all the pagans and to excuse war if there were compelling religious or political reasons. In other words, his writings are the foundation of a Christianity that uses violence as a tool and excuses violence with religion.

    How is it that the primitive philosophies of 397 AD are suddenly upon us in 2012? Is it the unwinding of the American education system? Is it the lack of teaching rhetoric and philosophy in high school curriculum? Why is an assault on reason and an assault on women permitted by senators and those seeking higher office?

    Perhaps it’s because our society is in decline. Like Rome, our empire is crumbling and the strange but loud cries of the most ignorant have taken hold and remain unchallenged. To save our society, we have to call these people out.

    Rape is not God’s will. It is a man’s violent will forced upon a woman. Remember:

    ~ God doesn’t fertilize an egg, sperm does.
    ~ The penis, not God’s hands, shoots sperm out. (He’s not Spiderman)

    Rape is not a magical delivery system for sperm. It is a violent act against a woman.

    • Right on Jesse Loren. I am a non believer so for me god doesn’t exist but men who rape do and they should be punished and given no excuses like god’s will doing anything- good, bad or indifferent.

      • Jesse

      • October 28, 2012 at 5:03 pm
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      I agree with you Madgew. Rape is done by rapists just like arson is done by arsonists. The hank of god is the excuse of the criminally insane.

      • Matt Najmowicz

      • October 31, 2012 at 6:42 am
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      We can’t even have an honest and open talk about sex or sexuality. It’s like we still live in an age of the Calvinists and Puritans. I don’t hate religion, I hate religion being used as a weapon against other people.

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