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    • Heather Alani

    • August 24, 2014 in Columnists

    Good luck, ISIS — Foley set your forest on fire

    James foley

    During this heart wrenching time, we are all mourning the loss of a great journalist, James Foley.

    I felt the urgency to say a few words.

    James Foley was not a journalist who created lies or promoted propaganda.  He was a man who chose to put his life on the line every day in order to educate the world about the horrendous injustice that was taking place upon the people in Syria.

    He was the truth on the lines. He brought humanity to the numbers.  He gave a voice to the multitude. He made the people of Syria matter.

    He was everything we all should be.

    After being captured and released in Libya in 2011, James Foley’s voice was not lost.  With every determination to have the truth be heard, he continued on to Syria.  His own bravery as selfless as the person he proved himself to be.

    “I will tell your story because you matter to me.”  This silent drive brought him to the city of Homs. He spoke with the people.  He gave voice to their pain. He was soldier against injustice.

    His only weapons were paper and pen, a voice of conviction, and a heart of pure love.

    No greater love hath a man than this; he would lay down his life for a friend.  This rings truth within my own mind.  James Foley laid down his life for his neighbor.  He screamed the truth with consistent conviction.  What is a life lived, if it is lived amongst lies?

    Who are we to live in silence, while our fellow mankind suffers bleeds and dies?  What happens to all of humanity, affects each of us. We are all touched by what touches our fellow man.  It is our yesterday, today and our future tomorrow.

    Can you hear the echo? Its  humanity’s cry.  It reverberates off the mountains and the oceans that divide.

    James Foley was not just a journalist. He was a voice for all of mankind.  Throughout history’s great timeline we can see, strong voices are snuffed out, they cease to be.  No physical death can prevent the word once spoken from taking motion. Words create motion, motion creates change.

    ISIS thinks they have murdered an “American Citizen” — all they have done is expose the truth.  They have given ultimate power to Foley’s words.  In their horrific action, they have set forth the motion of change. This change will spread light unveiling a plight of lies abiding in the darkness.  Silly ISIS thinks they have won by taking a good man’s life.

    Why do those who walk in darkness never realize how powerful one flicker of light can be? It takes years to create fears and extinguish the light exposing the darkness.  It takes only one flicker of a fire to burn down an entire forest.

    Good luck ISIS. Foley set your forest on fire.

    What they did not know that Foley did is simply put like this: Fear does not prevent death, it only prevents living.

    Foley had no fear of living.

    James Foley was a true American Soldier.  He will always be my hero.

    This is a piece of a letter James Foley wrote:

    My last night in Tripoli, I had my first Internet connection in 44 days and was able to listen to a speech Tom Durkin gave for me at the Marquette vigil. To a church full of friends, alums, priests, students and faculty, I watched the best speech a brother could give for another. It felt like a best man speech and a eulogy in one. It showed tremendous heart and was just a glimpse of the efforts and prayers people were pouring forth. If nothing else, prayer was the glue that enabled my freedom, an inner freedom first and later the miracle of being released during a war in which the regime had no real incentive to free us. It didn’t make sense, but faith did.


      • Madgew

      • August 24, 2014 at 1:10 pm
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      A true hero you used his words for peace. So sad.

    • Very well written Heather, there will always be those trying to snuff out the light. It is just the way of some men it seems to which power over the weaker ones is a high. Man is the only beast that kills for pleasure it’s sad but that is the truth of the matter. We live in very dark times.

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