• Google ads reveal a lot about your friends

    by Donald K. Sanders

    Have you ever noticed how smart those Google guys are? I use Google’s search engine every day and it never ceases to amaze me how much information is available in such a very short period of time.

    There are other search engines that you might consider better than Google, but I’m a creature of habit and Google seems to be ethical, accurate and well-balanced, so I keep using them.

    I also use Google’s email services and I have several accounts that are invaluable to me. I use one account for email and a couple of other accounts for storage, all of which is free of charge.

    Google responds to each letter you type into its search box almost instantaneously with a list of ever changing results. This is surely the “Information Age.”

    Google takes information that it gathers from its users to place advertisements on its web pages that it thinks will draw your interest. For instance, if you type the word “pool” into your email message there might be an advertisement for swimming pools and another for pool tables.

    The Google Document service allows documents to be accessed and edited by multiple users simultaneously. I love this service because my editor can rewrite my column as I am writing it. You might say I’m “Googleized.”

    Every person that sends me an email or responds to one of mine has their own unique advertising. If you pay attention to the ads, they can give you vital information about the person you’re communicating with. This information is very accurate.

    For instance, my wife’s email will have ads about shopping, buyers’ choices, and sometimes an ad for a service that will tell you if your mate is lying to you. (With pictures and videos if you want to pay for them.)

    Debra DeAngelo, my editor, has ads like, “Hayward-Baker Aggregate piers, Porch and Patio Columns, Query Acceleration, and Fast Indexing services.”

    Anna, my sister-in-law, has ads about travel, investment pricing, designer clothing, and trips and charters. My other sisters-in-law, Jody and Nancy, have ads about AAA Insurance, Big Bubble Solutions (window covers), and Christmas gifts.

    Stephanie Myers, our local turtle tagger, has ads about physical therapy, ankle surgery, and Green Sea Turtles.

    Libby Earthman of the Putah Creek Council has ads about Flower Gift shops, New Women’s social Networks, Plant engineers, and project management.

    Sara Tremayne, also of Putah Creek Council, has ads like Medesto Irrigation, Smart Hydroponics, Orcut U C Davis, and water pumps.

    My friend from high school, Judy Stroup has ads like Insurance CE for Ethics, Argosy University, code of ethics, Professional ethics, Business Ethics, and again, project management.

    My photographer friend Tracy J. Thomas, has ads about Franchise Laws, Official BP Claims site, Mailing Lists (85 million decision makers) and the Blackberry Smartphone.

    Madge Woods, a writer friend who lives in LA, carries ads like, Melville Johnson consultations, Guide to IP Phones, Mailing Lists, Best Hotels in Belize, and Nice Travel services.

    Christy Sillman, another writer friend has ads like the Toughest Trail Run in California, BP’s Work in the Gulf, Michelle Obama Pictures and Gulf of Mexico Response Systems.

    Nancy G. Mills, Director of City Administrative Services for the City of Winters, has ads like Soundproof Drywall, Open Source Intelligence, California Commissions Advances, and of course City of Winters ads.

    My poet friend Sandra McPherson has ads about eFollett Text Books, Xlibris Book Publishing, and skunk removal. I think that the last ad concerns me somehow.

    So if you pay attention to the ads that accompany emails, you’ll find that they paint a pretty accurate picture of what the person may have been doing. I’m not sure if this is good or bad.

    Ads that accompany my email are tell-tell too. I have one that concerns people that have been barred from MacDonald’s (I kept getting hurt in their little playgrounds). Mental hospitals, man bras, and deodorant ads seem to show up a lot on my email pages too.

    Yeah, you’re right, that’s a little too much information. Now you have that picture in your head about me and man bras. Good luck with that.

    • I was a little concerned the other day when an ad popped up for me saying “Find the man of your dreams- Seniors dating service”…

    • Funny Donald. Thanks for letting me know about my ads. I will start paying attention now. I tend to ignore them but now you have made them come alive.

    • That’s funny Hollye. Man of your nightmares is closer.

      • Sandy

      • August 28, 2011 at 1:27 pm
      • Reply

      Skunk removal: yes, you helped remove the skunk a couple of years ago. Most recent is a literal rat that ate my dishwasher’s hose to pieces. One way or another pests are attracted to me.

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