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    • Donald Sanders

    • August 19, 2017 in Columnists

    Happy birthday, Melanie!

    Today is Melanie Bajakian’s birthday. I absolutely love this woman. She and her husband John are the owners of the Buckhorn Steakhouse and the Putah Creek Café. That isn’t what I want to talk about right now, but I will bring this up later. This column is about my good friend Melanie and what a wonderful woman she is. I suppose that if this were the Middle Ages, she would be the Queen that everybody loves and adores.

    She is stunningly beautiful inside and out and is the mother of two daughters so lovely that when you gaze upon them it’s like butterfly’s wings have brushed your eyes. I’ve said many times that this little town of Winters, California has the most beautiful women in the world. Beauty begets beauty, thus the entire town is beautiful. I think this every day.

    Melanie is of Armenian ancestry which explains the pain you glimpse when you look into her eyes. There has to be a deep fear of violence and genocide in there, but like I said, only a glimpse. She is stern of will and steadfast in her faith — her church is right down the block from her home and it’s a big part of her life. Her faith is the kind that makes devils cry.

    She knows we rarely get to choose what we have to learn. It can be a cruel world and we have so much to lose. Kindness is always in her eyes. They offer comfort when there is no hope in sight and you know she would give her last breath to save your soul. She knows what love is and when others are around her, they know they have been loved — the kind of love that makes flowers bloom and often leaves people whistling as they walk and talk to everyone we meet in this little town.

    There are many others living here of the same caliber. When I think of this, Woody and Rebecca Fridae first come to mind along with the Marini, Ramos, Neal, and Rominger families. I could go on naming families but I only have about 700 words in total to get my point across. There is no one living in this small town who is not important to these wonderful people, for they among anybody know that we are all in this together. Whatever affects the one affects the whole of society.

    Love comes harder to these people because there are so many other people who depend on them keeping it together. They don’t think about it, but they all know that everything is so fragile. If the Melanies and the Marinis should drop the ball for just one moment, this society we enjoy so much would stop and hold its breath to see if and when that ball will be picked up again. Literally thousands of people depend upon the actions of these families and their industries.

    You know and I know that a business cannot survive without love. It must be nurtured just as you would one of your children. It is all too important that the nurturing come from both employer and employee. Melanie and her husband, John, know this to be true for I see it every day in the way they behave with others. There is no one I have ever known who works harder for the welfare of others than these two. Believe me, I know that should you spend a little time with these people, exhaustion will find you in the end.

    These people and others like them have work that never ends. They don’t work 8 hours a day like you and I do. To them, there’s always something that absolutely has to be done or it all starts to unravel. Certainly they are deserving of a little love from us. It may not be readily apparent to us, but there’s a constant flow of love coming down the line from those who own and operate the businesses here in Winters, California. They are the fabric of our society. Love is at the center of this and it’s time to show your love as well.

    So, happy birthday, Melanie! Know that you are loved.

      • Melanie Bajakian

      • August 20, 2017 at 8:22 pm
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      Ahhhhh Don, this is so sweet. Your description of what you see in me is so generous, kind, and quite humbling. It means a lot to me, coming coming from you. I guess you really looked in my eyes. The article definitely had me in tears. I hope and pray that I continue to be of service to others, be positive, kind, compassionate, and spread love whenever I can. Also, thankyou for the acknowledgement of the work we do in town…. along with all the others that work so hard. Its definitely not easy, but knowing we are making a difference in so many lives is so special. We are the ones that are blessed, especially with people like you.
      With Love and sincerity,

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