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    • Terri Connett

    • October 2, 2020 in Columnists

    Hey Republicans, still proud of your boy?

    The first presidential debate of 2020 was horrific, agonizing, rude, nerve-wracking, loud, and deeply disturbing. President Pants on Fire spewed a river of filth during his allotted time – during Vice President Joe Biden’s time – and even while moderator Chris Wallace attempted to spit out the questions. Basically if his microphone was on, Trump was dry-heaving his grievances.

    President Puke Breath lied about Dr. Faucci “changing his mind” when it came to the effectiveness of wearing masks. He lectured California for their poor “forest management,” ignoring the fact that sixty percent of the land on fire in the Golden State is federal land. President Pinocchio claimed The New York Times got it wrong and said he paid “millions of dollars” in taxes in 2016, as opposed to the $750 reported to be on his tax returns.

    And just when you thought you couldn’t be more repulsed by the self-absorbed sphincter, Chris Wallace brought up the subject of racial injustice in this country. And then, finally, Trump spoke his truth. Yes, he proudly ended racial sensitivity training because it was “racist.” Trump said, “They were teaching people to hate this country, the roles were actually reversed.”

    Oh sweet Jesus in heaven, here we go again. Any time this country admits to the truth about slavery, the injustice of Jim Crow, the perpetual unfairness for blacks in education, health care, civil liberties and pretty much every other part of the American dream, and suggests we should level the playing field – white supremacists cry “reverse discrimination.” That’s not a thing, you bunch of idiot crackers! It just isn’t.

    President KlanMan didn’t stop there. He warned about the end of the suburbs. We can all hear the dog whistle, Donny. You claim blacks will bring down white suburban property values. Yet according to Bloomberg CityLab, “Between 1970 and 2000, the share of African Americans living in suburban Atlanta increased from 27 percent to 78 percent; while in greater Washington D.C it rose from 25 percent in 1970 to 82 percent.”

    Hey President Whitey, 1950 called and they want their segregated neighborhoods back.

    But the most disgusting moment of this most disgusting presidential debate ever was when Chris Wallace asked Trump to denounce white supremacy once and for all.

    “Sure,” Trump whispered as he stalled for time, “I denounce any violent acts. But you’ve got to look at Antifa on the left, much worse.”

    Chris Wallace and Joe Biden both stayed on him and insisted he say the words to rebuke the vile philosophy of white supremacy. Trump got all “I don’t know nothin’ about no David Duke” on us but Wallace wouldn’t have it. He pushed Trump on white supremacy and Joe Biden went a step further and called out the Proud Boys, who according to Wikipedia is a far-right neo-fascist male-only organization that promotes and engages in political violence.

    Oh they sound lovely.

    You see President Clorox, this is an example of sarcasm. When you turned to Dr. Birx, who became fixated on her shoes and refused to answer your out-loud ramblings about humans ingesting disinfectants to ward off the virus, that was not sarcasm. That sir, was insanity.

    Which brings me back to President Stable Genius. What say you about the Proud Boys?

    “Stand back and stand by,” ordered the Commander in . . . geesh did he really say that? Yes, yes he did. And on the day after did any Republicans condemn him for it? No, no they did not.

    Look it’s obvious we Democrats are the only hope for this country. There is no intervention, no persuasion, no awakening for those Republican boot-licking, cult members. They have shown us who they are.

    And so, we must VOTE – HIM – OUT.

    But don’t stop there. We should gain seats in the House. And for God sake let’s take the Senate. Vote for state and local Democrats too. This is our only recourse. This is our power.



      • Carolyn Wyler

      • October 4, 2020 at 8:43 am
      • Reply

      I love this! If he wins the election, I don’t think our country can survive. I can’t believe how his supporters can’t see through his madness and corruption. I love how you came up with all kinds of names to call this man who claims to be the president of the U.S. I can’t call him my president.

        • Terri Connett

        • October 7, 2020 at 8:32 am
        • Reply

        Thank you, Carolyn! He isn’t our president and he doesn’t even pretend to be!

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