• Higgs Boson, metaphysically speaking

    by Julie Parker

    When asked if I prefer red or white wine, I respond, “I like both. I enjoy conversing on both sides of the table.”

    In fact, when two sides of a lively discussion have equal merit, you’ll find me comfortably straddling the Conversation Continental Divide.

    One interesting topical landscape is that of metaphysics, where academia and spirituality sometimes co-exist. Metaphysics, simply put, is that which exists “outside of the physical,” so is often pushed aside as philosophic. Quantum physics is a branch of science that deals with discrete, invisible units of energy called quanta. The two obviously overlap, and when they do, some interesting debates ensue.

    Take the case of the Higgs Boson, for example.

    Spanning the universe is an energy field referred to as the Higgs Field. It uses the particle, “boson,” to interact with other particles traveling through it. Eric Nelson describes it thus: “As these particles pass through the field, they are given mass, and become heavier, just like someone swimming through a pool of molasses would feel heavier. This process causes the now-transformed particles to slow down, allowing other particles to latch on.”

    Now, let’s switch over to metaphysics where, hypothetically, Higgs Field is the higher consciousness, and the Higgs boson is an individual’s manifested thought or feeling. The popular “law of attraction” principle states that you attract situations, experiences, and people which match those thoughts and feelings. If negative, they can certainly slow you down.

    Both of the sides of the table have interesting perspectives. I’ll park here at the end, listen to both, and sip a glass of rosé.

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      • August 26, 2012 at 10:24 pm
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      Nicely done!

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